Turn The Page – Episode 118b

One hundred and eighteen – Part two

Cats, Candles, Nantucket… what can be better? Christin Brecher indulges us in a fun discussion of her Nantucket Candle Maker Mystery series– and of course, how she comes by plentiful puns for the titles of her books.

Turn The Page – Episode 118a

One hundred and eighteen – Part one

Becky Clark stops by to talk about “Puzzling Ink”, her fabulous cozy mystery series that plays with words while using crossword puzzles as a means to solve mysteries!

Turn The Page – Episode 118c

One hundred and eighteen – Part three

Christmas and Cozy Mysteries! A pair as perfect as peppermint and chocolate. Liz Ireland chats with Stacey and Jessikah about The Santaland Slayings first in her new series that brings the cheer, the laughs and the mystery.