Turn The Page – Episode 256b

Episode two hundred fifty six – part two

Jessikah and Jenn sat down with Genevieve Gornichec to talk about her absolutely gorgeous THE WEAVER AND THE WITCH QUEEN, a blend of history and myth that tells the story of Gunnhild, a witch destined to become queen of Norway.

Turn The Page – Episode 256e

Episode two hundred fifty six – part five

Jenn spoke to Nat Segaloff about THE EXORCIST LEGACY: 50 YEARS OF FEAR, a staggering and fascinating work of film history and criticism. Fans of horror, film, and pop culture analysis will not want to miss this one.

Turn The Page – Episode 256a

Episode two hundred fifty six – part one

Yael Goldstein-Love chatted with us about THE POSSIBILITIES, a book about a new mother stuck between timelines where her son sometimes exists – and sometimes he does not.

Turn The Page – Episode 256c

Episode two hundred fifty six – part three

Kelsey James’ THE WOMAN IN THE CASTELLO is a masterwork of historical fiction, Gothic suspense, and old Hollywood glamor. Listen in, give it a read, and come meet Kelsey at our live event on August 29th!

link- https://syosset.librarycalendar.com/event/trending-turn-page-live-mongos-kelsey-james-and-woman-castello

Turn The Page – Episode 256d

Episode two hundred fifty six – part four

Melissa and Jessikah sit down with Tiktok baker B. Dylan Hollis. They discussed how he started his famous Tiktok channel where he bakes all kinds of treats and desserts from yesteryear. Some good, some bad, and some surprising! The trio also discussed his new cookbook “Baking Yesteryear” filled to the brim with all sorts of wacky recipes that fans have seen throughout his videos. 

Turn The Page – Episode 255d

Episode two hundred fifty five – part four

Samantha Downing joins us to talk about A TWISTED LOVE STORY, her newest thriller about a rollercoaster relationship (or toxic if you will) between Wes and Ivy, who are addicted to the on and off nature of their decade long dance – and what happens when they get in a little too deep with the drama.

Turn The Page – Episode 255a

Episode two hundred fifty five – part one

Tilly Bridges was about BEGIN TRANSMISSION: THE TRANS ALLEGORIES OF THE MATRIX, a mind-blowing work of film analysis and personal reflection. Follow us down the rabbit hole!

Turn The Page – Episode 255e

Episode two hundred fifty five – part five


Listen to Evelyn and Annabel Monaghan, the author of SAME TIME NEXT SUMMER chat about her new book which is the ultimate Long Island beach read for the summer of 2023.

Turn The Page – Episode 255c

Episode two hundred fifty five – part three

May Cobb, author of THE HUNTING WIVES and MY SUMMER DARLINGS, sets a flame to this slow burn thriller wrapped in a coming of age story for a young woman approaching middle age.