Turn The Page – Episode 261b

Episode two hundred sixty one – part two

Last year Alex Segura dropped by to discuss SECRET IDENTITY, an award-winning literary mystery set in the world of comic books. This year he’s back to talk about ARAÑA AND SPIDER-MAN 2099, a thrilling adventure set in the Marvel Spider-Verse!

Turn The Page – Episode 261c

Episode two hundred sixty one – part three

Jessikah chats with Tracy Wolff and Nina Croft about STAR BRINGER, the first in a series of book featuring and ensemble cast of characters brought together through dyer circumstances in this thrilling space opera.

Turn The Page – Episode 261a

Episode two hundred sixty one – part one

Louise Hare stopped by the show last year to talk about MISS ALDRIDGE REGRETS, a gripping mystery that explores class, race, and pre-WW2 politics. This year she is back to talk about its sequel, HARLEM AFTER MIDNIGHT.

Turn The Page – Episode 261d

Episode two hundred sixty one – part four

Author Jilly Gagnon talks about her craft and career in suspense as we discuss SCENES OF THE CRIME, an atmospheric thriller set in two timelines with a full cast of unreliable narrators.


Turn The Page – Episode 260a

Episode two hundred sixty – part one

Adi Alsaid’s ACTUALLY SUPER is a thrilling and touching YA adventure about a plucky teen on a globetrotting mission to prove that humanity is more good than bad.

Turn The Page – Episode 260c

Episode two hundred sixty – part three

To break out of a 24-hour time loop, all Jack needs is for Gemma to fall in love with him in a single day. Evelyn sat down with Holly James to chat about her delightful new romance!

Turn The Page – Episode 259c

Episode two hundred fifty nine – part three

Bestselling authors Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray are back to speak with Evelyn about their second novel together, THE FIRST LADIES about the extraordinary partnership between Eleanor Roosevelt and civil rights activist Mary McLeod Bethune.

Turn The Page – Episode 259b

Episode two hundred fifty nine – part two

Kevin Allardice stopped by to talk about his fifth novel, WEFT, a genre-defying masterpiece about a mother-son con artist team encountering a haunted house in the late 90s.