Turn The Page – Episode 187c

Episode one eighty seven – part three

Jenn sat down with Jayne Cowie, author of the thrilling novel CURFEW, about a world in which men are tagged, tracked, and forbidden from leaving their homes between 7PM and 7AM. They walked about feminism, intergenerational conflict, and constructing alternate realities.

Turn The Page – Episode 187b

Episode one eighty seven – part two

Lisa Scottoline zooms in once more to chat with Evelyn about WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BENNETTS –  Her latest page turner — and the two quickly become derailed by discussing how much they enjoy chatting with one another. Join for the book talk, keep listening for the pure joy of a best-selling author and a librarian trading compliments.

Turn The Page – Episode 186c

Episode one eighty six – part three

Barney sits down with Alan Winter to chat about SINS OF THE FATHERS, a World War 2 Historical Fiction that will leave you at the the edge of your seat.

Turn The Page – Episode 186b

Episode one eighty six – part two

A little GATSBY, a little PRACTICAL MAGIC, Francesca May chatted with Jessikah and Jenn about WILD AND WICKED THINGS — a sapphic witchy love story with memorable characters set on Crow Island, which casts a pretty impressive shadow on West Egg.

Turn The Page – Episode 186a

Episode one eighty six – part one

New Years Eve 1999 three girls and their manager are murdered in a Blockbuster Video — 15 years later history seems to repeat itself at an ice cream shop in the same town. Alex Finlay discusses THE NIGHT SHIFT a compelling mystery where the sole survivors of both massacres must figure out the connection between the two crimes while holding on to secrets they have never revealed.

Turn The Page – Episode 185b

Episode one eighty five – part two

Simone St. James zoomed in to chat with Jessikah about the enduring appeal of true crime, as showcased in her newest novel, THE BOOK OF BOOK CASES. No major spoilers were revealed in the recording of this episode.

Turn The Page – Episode 185a

Episode one eighty five – part one

Jessikah and Jenn had the good fortune to chat with Josh Winning, author of THE SHADOW GLASS. This incredibly entertaining book explores father/son relationships, fandom, and the (incredibly dark) children’s entertainment of the 1980s. Fans of The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and Flight of the Navigator won’t want to miss this one.

Turn The Page – Episode 185c

Episode one eighty five – part three

Author Erika Lewis took the time to chat with Meghan and Nathalie about the very first in the Kelcie Murphy series, a middle grade fantasy novel which sets Celtic Mythology within a magical academy — but the main characters are the misfits.

Turn The Page – Episode 184c

Episode one eighty four – part three

Evelyn and Julia Claiborne Johnson have a lively conversation about BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME a historical fiction set in the 1930’s about a Dude Ranch for soon to be divorced women.