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Turn The Page – Episode 184b

Episode one eighty four – part two

Stephanie Wrobel signs in to chat about her latest thriller THIS MIGHT HURT, a book about cults, and a book about familial secrets. Stephanie discusses how this book became a book about sister, and her research into what makes a cult a cult.

Turn The Page – Episode 184a

Episode one eighty four – part one

Nathalie and Jessikah make the delightful acquaintance of Nina Prose, author of THE MAID. Nita chats the inspiration behind Molly, Gran and all the other colorful characters in this cozy locked door mystery.

Turn The Page – Episode 183b

Episode one eighty three – part two

Who owns your DNA? If this question sounds like a Science Fiction movie you may be surprised to read THE GENOME DEFENSE by Jorge Contreras, a non-fiction book about the legal battle behind gene patenting.

Turn The Page – Episode 183c

Episode one eighty three – part three

Tuberculosis is often thought of as an illness we have long ago defeated. From the early literary depictions of TB as “consumption” to how TB changed fashion Vidya Krishnan weaves a compelling narrative regarding how the plague of “the past” affected common surgical practices such as hand-washing to how TB has not actually been eradicated, especially as it exists drug resistant in the poorer communities of Mumbai.

Turn The Page – Episode 183a

Episode one eighty three – part one

In Paradox Hotel, Rob Hart builds a Sci-Fi landscape that is blends mystery, hauntings, and time travel. Hart joined us to talk a bit about how the threads of this story came together and how he made it all work.