Turn The Page – Episode 217c

Episode two hundred seventeen – part three

Evelyn talks true crime and love with Alicia Thompson, author of LOVE IN THE TIME OF SERIAL KILLERS, which is more Rom-Com than serial killer story, but the title is a hook for sure.

Turn The Page – Episode 217a

Episode two hundred seventeen – part one

Jenn sat down with Tammy Greenwood to discuss her new novel, SUCH A PRETTY GIRL, a riveting and touching story about a former child actress and her difficult relationship with her mother. Set during the Blackout Summer of 1977, the book brings New York and the entertainment industry of the ’70s to life.

Turn The Page – Episode 217d

Episode two hundred seventeen – part four

Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop grew up the daughter of war hero and journalist Stewart Alsop III, but her mother Tish Alsop had been a hero in her own right. Elizabeth chats with us about discovering her quiet mother’s secret history as a decoding agent for MI5 — and how this granted her a deep relationship with her mother later in life, only to care for Tish as she succumbed to dementia in her later years.

Turn The Page – Episode 217b

Episode two hundred seventeen – part two

Jessikah sinks her teeth into Rachel Harrison’s new book SUCH SHARP TEETH. We get a few words in about lady werewolves, and how these stories of transformation parallel how we feel about bodily autonomy.

Special Episode 28

Special Episode 28

In this episode, Barney chats with Andrew Child, co author of this latest installment in the Jack Reacher series. Andrew talks about how he came to be co-author of this beloved series, and gives lots of insight into their writing process.

Turn The Page – Episode 216b

Episode two hundred sixteen – part two

Panic, urban legends, and Sue Bird! We spend a lot of time bouncing around topics with Josh Malerman — but it all relates to DAPHNE, a fabulous book that you should definitely read with the lights on.

Turn The Page – Episode 216d

Episode two hundred sixteen – part four

Liz Climo — a cartoonist whose credits range from The Simpsons to Picture Books joins us to chat about I’M SO HAPPY YOU’RE HERE, a sweet affirming book for ages 5 to 95 that feels like a hug from your favorite stuffed animals.

Turn The Page – Episode 216a

Episode two hundred sixteen – part one

Lavender House has been described as a queer historical take on Knives Out– it is all that and more! Jenn sat down with Lev Rosen to discuss mystery, noir, and the Lavender Scare’s impact on queer life in mid-century America.

Turn The Page – Episode 215a

Episode two hundred fifteen – part one

Jessikah chats with Russell James about THE DEMON DAGGER, a sci-fi horror novel set in Florida about a Demon Hunter who discovers that the stakes are high when someone very close to him has been possessed.