Turn The Page – Episode 134a

Episode one thirty four – part one

Jane Wunderly is a young widow during the roaring 20’s who enjoys a liberating life of jet setting, adventuring and a little amateur sleuthing. Erica Ruth Neubauer joined us to chat about her delightful tale of murder, mystery, and a hint of romance.

Turn The Page – Episode 134b

Episode one thirty four – part two

Jennifer Armstrong zooms in to talk about four women (three lesser know, the fourth is Betty White) that have influenced television in monumental ways.

Turn The Page – Episode 133b

Episode one thirty three – part two

Barney caught up with Mark Greaney, author of The Gray Man series to discuss the newest installment, “Relentless”. Barney got to talk to Mark about the motivations of Court Gentry his titular Gray Man. Notably, Greany’s first book in this series has just been announced as an upcoming movie starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Rege-Jean Page. Swoon!

Turn The Page – Episode 133a

Episode one thirty three – part one

Under the subheading of “A Happy Hour for Introverts”, Silent Book Club grew from a quiet concept to an internet phenomenon , and now a global community with chapters in nearly every corner of the world. We caught up with Guinevere de la Mare, co-founder of Silent Book Club to chat about the origin story of Silent Book Club, and how the pandemic has changed the initiative in ways unexpected.


Turn The Page – Episode 132c

Episode one thirty two – part three

Roan Montgomery is a talented equestrian nearing her breaking point with the man who has held her in his thrall for life. That man is her coach, an Olympic Gold Medal winner, and her father. Author Susan Mihalic tells us about how Dark Horses was published after years of work, and why Roan’s very difficult story is one of triumph over control.

Turn The Page – Episode 132b

Episode one thirty two – part two

The Girls are All So Nice Here with Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
A first college semester gone horribly wrong, a toxic friendship, and a college reunion over a decade past these incidents set up an intense series of events that will gut readers to the core and make you think about how women value niceness.

Turn The Page – Episode 132a

Episode one thirty two – part one

Arianna Rebolini is the Buzzfeed Books editor, and she spoke to us all about working with one of the most well known media and entertainment while promoting books! We discussed some favorite books, and how the world of entertainment has changed and challenged Arianna and her team to explore new ways to promote reading in a pandemic world.

Special Episode 19

Special Episode 19

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We caught up with Matthew, a home grown hero who took his love of gardening for fresh vegetables to providing produce for a local food pantry.

Matthew tells us all about his Growing for Good initiative, and how locals can get involved. Bonus! Matthew also describes the process of making seed paper, which is very cool.

Turn The Page – Episode 131a

Episode one thirty one – part one

Carola Lovering joined us to talk about Too Good To Be True, her twisty new novel which shifts perspectives between three deeply scarred characters involved in a marriage triangle. Of course, we HAD to ask Carola about Stephen, the memorable sociopath from her debut novel, Tell Me Lies — which led to a conversation about various Long Island addresses which make appearances in both of her novels.

Turn The Page – Episode 131b

Episode one thirty one – part two

Young and talented, David Hopen penned The Orchard, a story about a protagonist from an Orthodox community who moves to South Florida for his senior year of high school, and the wild ride that ensues as he peels away the layers of his own relationship with the secular world. David also lends lip service to a favorite kosher pizza place in Florida — and answers a question about another food item which makes an appearance in the book.