Turn The Page – Episode 174a

Episode one seventy four – part one

Nickelodeon’s cartoons have defined a generation of fans — and we got to get up close and personal (over zoom) with Anna Lynn Martino, senior manager of the Nickelodeon Animation Archives and Library Resources. Anna Lynn treats our hosts to a small taste of the magic that takes place at her place of work. Who is your favorite Nicktoon? Spongebob, Invader Zim, Eliza Thornberry?

Turn The Page – Episode 174b

Episode one seventy four – part two

Barney reunites with favorite author Jeffery Deaver to discuss MIDNIGHT LOCK, a Lincoln Rhyme novel that Barney read within a two day period! Jeffery is delighted to tell us all about his writing style and his job as an author to “manipulate” the readers — all for the good of entertainment of course.

Special Episode 24

Special Episode 24

A panel of local physicians offer their best answers regarding the COVID-19 vaccine for children by answering the most common questions they get regarding the topic.

Featuring Dr. Shetal Shah, Dr. Leonard Krilov and Dr. Sara Siddiqui
Other resources include: www.healthychildren.org

Turn The Page – Episode 173a

Episode one seventy three – part one

Author Victoria (V.E. ) Schwab joined us from Edinburgh where she lives, to discuss The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, and some of her own favorite reads (looking at you Neal Schusterman). We were also visited by a strange phantom that haunted the podcast with unexplained echoes on Victoria’s end.

Turn The Page – Episode 173c

Episode one seventy three – part three

Laser Malena-Weber of The Doubleclicks took a break from Cats and Netflix to chat about TEACHING A ROBOT TO LOVE, their full cast musical about a group of friends who accidentally create a sentient robot at their programming internship. Laser with Jessikah and Jenn about the use of Sci-Fi to explore queer identities and what it means to be human. We also talk a bit about reconnecting with people in a hopefully post pandemic world.

Turn The Page – Episode 173b

Episode one seventy three – part two

Ryan Estrada once again graces us with his lovely presence to discuss UNWANTED WORDS, a podcast project which grew out of an internet prank and a SPAM folder. Ryan also spills the tea on some of his upcoming projects which everyone is going to want to read.

Turn The Page – Episode 172a

Episode one seventy two – part one

Jenn caught up with Harry Freedman, author of Leonard Cohen: The Mystical Roots of Genius. Harry is an expert on Jewish culture and religion, and his new book explores the spiritual texts and ideas that shaped Cohen’s work. Leonard Cohen’s music is suffused with references to Jewish, Christian, and Zen Buddhist beliefs and practices, and Harry provides a fascinating literary analysis that illuminates Cohen’s songs and life.

Turn The Page – Episode 172c

Episode one seventy two – part three

Seressia Glass dazzles us with THE LOVE CON, a rom com set within the backdrop of a Cosplay Contest — and introduces us to Kenya, a full sized black cosplayer who has to convince her best friend Cam to “cosplay” as her boyfriend, not that Cam needs much convincing. Seressia and Jessikah also chat favorite cosplay ideas and women in anime.

Turn The Page – Episode 172b

Episode 172 B. Set The Night On Fire with Jeff Alulis

We caught up with Jeff to discuss SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE, a memoir co-written with Robby Kreiger of THE DOORS. Without ego, but full of humor, Robbie and Jeff put together a conversational memoir that will bust some of the more pervasive myths of Jim Morrison and the DOORS (no thanks to Oliver Stone) and maybe drop a few new mysteries.

Turn The Page – Episode 171b

Episode one seventy one – part two

Denise Williams, author of THE FASTEST WAY TO FALL chatted fitness apps, rom coms, and angsty teenage poetry with Stacey, who may have definitely had her own experiences with all three of the above.