Turn The Page – Episode 274c

Episode two hundred seventy four – part three

Meghan sat down with former White House speechwriter, Sean O’Brien and discussed his debut children’s novel, White House Clubhouse. White House Clubhouse follows the adventures of two First Daughters, Marissa and Clara as they time travel back in time to meet president Theodore Roosevelt and his family. What ensures is an engaging cross-country train adventure to save California’s redwood forest. Topics include Roosevelt’s legacy as well as his conservation efforts.

Turn The Page – Episode 274b

Episode two hundred seventy four – part two

Wesley Chu is back at it with THE ART OF DESTINY – follow up to THE ART OF PROPHECY, a sprawling martial arts inspired fantasy that follows four characters whose paths don’t go the way they’d expect.

Turn The Page – Episode 274a

Episode two hundred seventy four – part one

Kerri chats with Evelyn about her new novel ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CALL, a book based on the true story of the Jane Collective and the brave women who fought for our right to choose.

Turn The Page – Episode 273b

Episode two hundred seventy three – part two

Christina Henry, author of horror and dark fantasy chatted with Jessikah about GOOD GIRLS DON’T DIE, a book where any deep discussion of would spoil the whole story! So really, you should just read it – and listen to author and host dance around the main plotline!

Turn The Page – Episode 273a

Episode two hundred seventy three – part one

Isa Arsén talks to Evelyn about her novel SHOOT THE MOON. Time-travel and Apollo 11 play a big part in this wonderful debut novel about a young, ambitious secretary.

Turn The Page – Episode 272c

Episode two hundred seventy two – part three

Zach Schonfeld’s HOW COPPOLA BECAME CAGE is a fascinating, insightful, and wildly entertaining glimpse into Nicolas Cage’s early career. Culminating with his Oscar win for Leaving Las Vegas, Schonfeld chronicles the actor’s early experimentation and rise to fame.

Turn The Page – Episode 272a

Episode two hundred seventy two – part one

Owen D. Pomery’s THE HARD SWITCH is a beautiful and contemplative graphic novel about a spaceship’s crew and the end of non-renewable resources. Owen stopped by to chat with Jenn about sci-fi, architecture, and world-building.

Turn The Page – Episode 272b

Episode two hundred seventy two – part two

Richard D. Bailey’s PIRATE COVE: AN INSIDER’S ACCOUNT OF THE INFAMOUS SOUTHPORT LANE SCANDAL covers the precipitous rise and fall of Alexander Chatfield Burns. Richard and Jenn talk about writing white collar true crime.

Turn The Page – Episode 271a

Episode two hundred seventy one – part one

Ian Nathan’s DAVID LYNCH: A RETROSPECTIVE is not only a comprehensive look at the divisive filmmaker’s career, but a gorgeous, stunningly illustrated art object. We chat about this perfect holiday gift for the film buff in your life!

Turn The Page – Episode 271b

Episode two hundred seventy one – part two

Nicole Goux stopped by to talk about PET PEEVES, an eerie, melancholy piece of slow-burn horror and character study that Jenn couldn’t put down! They chat about the confusing morass of your mid-twenties and navigating the bumpy transition into adulthood.