Turn The Page – Episode 82b

Episode 82 Part 2 – National Social Work Month Interviews!

Silas Kelly of Kelsunn on the Air stops in to chat about the future of Social Workers in libraries.

Turn The Page – Episode 82a

Episode 82 Part 1 – National Social Work Month Interviews!

We talk to artist/writer team Steenz and Ivy Noelle Weir of Archival Quality, a graphic novel which blends a mystery with the ghosts of how we treated mental health patients generations ago.

Special Episode – 1

Special Episode

In the wake of COVID-19 libraries, educators, authors, and publishers are coming together to find new ways to reach the public. Skip Dye of Penguin Random House graciously agreed to chat with us about the recent policy released by his company which will allow us to use remote services and social media to provide Storytimes and beyond to our communities as we practice responsible social distancing.

See link to policy below.


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Turn The Page – Episode 81

Episode Eighty One – From Superheroes to Girl Power!

Happy Women’s History Month. Julie Merberg of Downtown Books discusses her efforts to adapt the D.C. Superheroes for the board book crowd and their parents to enjoy together, as well as her efforts to highlight the many female heroes who had for many years been overlooked.

Turn The Page – Episode 80

Episode Eighty – Jon Lovett

Pod Save Syosset with Jon Lovett: Lovett, podcaster supreme, former speech-writer for President Obama, and Syosset alum lends us his voice and humor! Lovett joins us to share his favorite memories of Syosset and how he went from mathematics major to a political speech writer.

Turn The Page – Episode 79

Episode Seventy Nine – An Embarrassment of Witches:

Sophie Goldstein and Jennifer Jordan discuss an Embarrassment of Witches, their latest graphic novel collaboration that brings the uncertainty of post graduate life to a world where magical studies is serious business.