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Turn The Page – Episode 249a

Episode two hundred forty nine – part one

Mattie Lubchansky’s BOYS WEEKEND is a darkly comedic and hilariously terrifying look at being trans in a hyper-capitalistic, heteronormative near-future dystopia. Oh yeah, there’s also a crypto death cult. Jenn sat down with Mattie to talk about their new graphic novel.

Turn The Page – Episode 249d

Episode two hundred forty nine – part four

Did you know that Fred Astaire had an older– and much more famous– sister with whom he danced before he moved from stage to screen? Eliza Knight stops by the show to talk about her book that tells her story: STARRING ADELE ASTAIRE.

Turn The Page – Episode 248a

Episode two hundred forty eight – part one

Emma Törzs stopped by to chat about her debut novel, INK BLOOD SISTER SCRIBE, a gorgeous and captivating fantasy about two estranged sisters who must come together in order to protect their family’s collection of magic books.

Turn The Page – Episode 248d

Episode two hundred forty eight – part four

Kaye and Jenn chat with Sidney Karger about his debut novel, BEST MEN. They discuss queer romcoms, writing New York City, and our favorite (and least favorite) tropes.

Turn The Page – Episode 247a

Episode two hundred forty seven – part one

Could Excalibur defeat climate change? Thomas D. Lee’ stopped by the show to chat about his new book PERILOUS TIMES, which hilariously imagines the Knights of the Round Table responding to very modern issues King Arthur could never have dreamed of.

Turn The Page – Episode 247b

Episode two hundred forty seven – part two

PLANES, TRAINS, AND ALL THE FEELS is a glorious tribute to a beloved classic comedy film as well as a delicious romantic comedy. Its author Livy Hart chats forced proximity romances, dual perspectives, and crafting banter.

Turn The Page – Episode 247c

Episode two hundred forty seven – part three

Caroline Kepnes joins us once again to chat about Joe Goldberg’s latest exploits, who he’s stalking, and why YOU AND FOR ONLY YOU breaks new ground for this series.

Turn The Page – Episode 246a

Episode two hundred forty six – part one

Eliot Borenstein’s MARVEL IN THE 1970s: THE WORLD INSIDE YOUR HEAD investigates an overlooked yet fascinating era in Marvel publishing history. Topics include combining fandom and research, teaching comics, and the criminally underrated Howard the Duck.


Turn The Page – Episode 246b

Episode two hundred forty six – part two

Zachary Rosenberg’s HUNGERS AS OLD AS THIS LAND is a gripping horror Western novella with Jewish, indigenous, and queer protagonists. Jenn sat down with Zachary to talk about balancing character and action plotting, among other things!

Turn The Page – Episode 245e

Episode two hundred forty five – part five

Brady Dale, author of SBF: HOW THE FTX BANKRUPTCY UNWOUND CRYPTO’S VERY BAD GOOD GUY, stopped by to talk about the spectacular and sudden implosion of FTX, Alameda Research, and their associated companies.