Turn The Page – Episode 299c

Episode two hundred ninety nine – part three

Joshua Hull, author of MOUTH and screenwriter of GLORIOUS, stopped by to talk about his work. You can check out GLORIOUS on Shudder, and MOUTH is out now. Check them out!

Turn The Page – Episode 299b

Episode two hundred ninety nine – part two

Bill Shea’s A GRANDPA JOE DAY is a gorgeous children’s book about maintaining an optimistic outlook and the special bond between a grandparent and grandchild. Bill stopped by to talk about writing and illustrating this lovely tale.

Turn The Page – Episode 298c

Episode two hundred ninety eight – part three

Jenn spoke to Dr. Philip Cioffari– writing professor and instructor, novelist, and award-winning film writer, playwright, and director. They spoke about the craft of writing, his newest novel NIGHT & ITS LONGINGS, and what you learn from teaching others.

Turn The Page – Episode 297a

Episode two hundred ninety seven – part one

 A. Ashley Hoff’s WITH LOVE, MOMMIE DEAREST: THE MAKING OF AN UNINTENTIONAL CAMP CLASSIC is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the divisive adaptation of Christina Crawford’s memoir detailing her mother Joan’s abuse, and its legacy.

Turn The Page – Episode 297e

Episode two hundred ninety seven – part five

Jenn was thrilled to talk to Erik Larson, author of some of her favorite books like DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY and IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS. Today they chatted about THE DEMON OF UNREST, about the rising tensions in the five months leading up to the American Civil War.

Turn The Page – Episode 296d

Episode two hundred ninety six – part four

THE EVOLUTION OF ANNABEL CRAIG is an engaging and moving exploration of the 1925 Scopes trial, in which faith, science, and Charles Darwin took the stand. Lisa chats with Jenn about re-telling this story from the perspective of a young Southern woman, whose every belief is challenged.

Turn The Page – Episode 295d

Episode two hundred ninety five – part four

Animal Crossing, or Animal Double-Crossing? Australian cartoonist Luke Milton’s debut graphic novel, ANIMALS RULE THIS LAND, is a trippy fever dream of a Saturday Morning cartoon that imagines a rather peculiar end of the world…

Turn The Page – Episode 295b

Episode two hundred ninety five – part two

Jenn sat down with Stacy Stokes to chat about THE DARKNESS RISES, a gorgeous and gripping YA supernatural thriller about a teen with supernatural abilities, and coming to grips with the unintended consequences of our choices.