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Turn The Page – Episode 261a

Episode two hundred sixty one – part one

Louise Hare stopped by the show last year to talk about MISS ALDRIDGE REGRETS, a gripping mystery that explores class, race, and pre-WW2 politics. This year she is back to talk about its sequel, HARLEM AFTER MIDNIGHT.

Turn The Page – Episode 259b

Episode two hundred fifty nine – part two

Kevin Allardice stopped by to talk about his fifth novel, WEFT, a genre-defying masterpiece about a mother-son con artist team encountering a haunted house in the late 90s.

Turn The Page – Episode 258a

Episode two hundred fifty eight – part one

Daniel Kraus stopped by the show last year to discuss THE GHOST THAT ATE US, one of Jenn’s fave books of 2022. Now he’s back to discuss WHALEFALL– already one of Jenn’s faves of 2023!!

Turn The Page – Episode 258b

Episode two hundred fifty eight – part two

Kiersten White zoomed in to chat with Jessikah and Jenn about Mister Magic, her newest Dark Sci-Fi book about a children’s television program with a mysterious history and an even more mysterious main character.

Turn The Page – Episode 257a

Episode two hundred fifty seven – part one

S.L Coney’s WILD SPACES is a devastatingly beautiful Lovecraftian coming-of-age story about the effects of intergenerational trauma in complex family systems. They chatted with Jenn about how children perceive and react to these dynamics.

Turn The Page – Episode 257b

Episode two hundred fifty seven – part two

Craig Shreve stopped by to talk about THE AFRICAN SAMURAI, a vivid and moving historical novel about Yasuke, Japan’s first foreign-born samurai and the only samurai of African descent.

Turn The Page – Episode 256b

Episode two hundred fifty six – part two

Jessikah and Jenn sat down with Genevieve Gornichec to talk about her absolutely gorgeous THE WEAVER AND THE WITCH QUEEN, a blend of history and myth that tells the story of Gunnhild, a witch destined to become queen of Norway.

Turn The Page – Episode 256e

Episode two hundred fifty six – part five

Jenn spoke to Nat Segaloff about THE EXORCIST LEGACY: 50 YEARS OF FEAR, a staggering and fascinating work of film history and criticism. Fans of horror, film, and pop culture analysis will not want to miss this one.