Turn The Page – Episode 108b

One hundred and eight – Part two

Jennie Fields talks to us about women in science, espionage, and the Manhattan Project via Atomic Love, her newest Historical Fiction Novel — as well as some insight on the local music scene in Nashville.

Turn The Page – Episode 108c

One hundred and eight – Part three

Sarah High of Bookshop.org engages us in a chat about how an online bookseller aimed at supporting local independent bookstores has raised millions of dollars for its cause during the pandemic. We also do a little armchair traveling to our favorite bookstores in the country.

Turn The Page – Episode 108a

One hundred and eight – Part one

Karen Dionne’s The Wicked Sister masterfully weaves a tale of suspense, domestic drama, and psychological thrills into a package that has the feel of a fairy tale. We hope this interview leaves you mesmerized!

Special Episode – 14

Special Episode 14 – Sabrina Guo and LILAC

Sabrina Guo of Syosset High School joins us to talk about her efforts to help amplify voices of the marginalized members of our communities inspired her to create LILAC, an organization that has donated tens of thousands of PPE items to front line workers during the Covid-19 Crisis and beyond.

Compassion in Action: LILAC Uplifts With Art

LILAC website address: https://www.lilacovid19.org

LILAC Instagram: @LILACovid_19


LILAC Twitter: @Lilacorg

LILAC Youtube Channel: @LILACovid_19

LILAC email address: lilacovid19@gmail.com

Submit Creative Artwork to LILAC:

Turn The Page – Episode 107a

One hundred and seven – Part One

Sarah Gailey chats with us about rebel librarians, writing realistic view of a high school for magic users, and how the United States waterways were one vote away from being overrun by MURDEROUS HIPPOS.

Turn The Page – Episode 107b

One hundred and seven – Part Two

Alyssa Cole and her rooster join us from the island of Martinique to talk about When No One’s Watching, her newest thriller which examines gentrification in Brooklyn while taking readers on an unforgettable ride.

Turn The Page – Episode 107c

One hundred and seven – Part Three

Natalie Zina Walschots’ Hench is everything you need in a story about Super Villains, their Henchfolk, and the archetype of the Superhero. We also discuss our favorite pop-culture properties, and Jessikah does a Rita Repulsa impression that we’re told isn’t bad.

Turn The Page – Episode 106a

One hundred and six – Part One

Burt Weissbourd brings his Hollywood producers expertise to his newest novel, Danger in Plain Sight, a thriller about Callie James, a restaurateur who finds herself entangled in a dangerous game when her ex husband shows up at her doorstep running from assassins.

Special Episode – 13

Special Episode Thirteen – Back to School with Danica McKellar

Link to Video: https://youtu.be/cFlJ_UyiQuo

Danica McKellar zooms in to chat with us about the importance of empowering young learners to embrace math. Through her books, Danica has created a fun and engaging way to not only learn math, but feel comfortable actively participating in their future through understanding the subject.