Turn The Page – Episode 130a

Episode one thirty – part one

There’s something about Witches with Amber Benson.

Amber Benson zoomed in to talk about her several series written in the fantasy genre, and ended up hanging out to discuss the foresight of Octavia Butler, the congeniality of Merricat Blackwood — Shirley Jackson’s antihero, and how often Giles cleaned his glasses during her time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spoiler Alert! Merricat wasn’t so nice, but Amber is a delight.

Turn The Page – Episode 130c

Episode one thirty – part three

 A Very Meta Podcast with Eliza Jane Brazier.

Author Eliza Jane Brazier’s debut novel, “If I Disappear” finds Sera, an avid fan of True Crime Podcasts running from her own disappointing life to uncover the secrets behind the disappearance of Rachel, Sera’s favorite podcaster whose content focuses on women who disappear.

Turn The Page – Episode 130b

Episode one thirty – part two

Assassin’s Creed Gold with Anthony Del Col.

Author and graphic novel creator Del Col returns to the podcast to talk about his work in fiction podcasting — notably adapting the popular video game franchise Assassin’s Creed to podcast format in Assassin’s Creed Gold — an audio series released by audible which explores new aspects of Isaac Newton’s history and includes plenty of the fast paced intrigue to thrill fans of the video games and newcomers alike.

Special Episode 18

Special Episode 18

We welcomed guests from all over the world to talk about their involvement in The Covid Cello Project, a series of viral videos which feature a beautiful orchestra of cello players from every corner of the globe playing everything from classical music to rock! The Covid Cello Project, headed by Tony Rogers grew from 15 to over 500! Not only is this a tapestry of international cello players, but it is multigenerational as well. Stay tuned after the episode for a sample of their work.


Turn The Page – Episode 129c

Episode one twenty nine – part three

Debut author Kate Weinberg talks about the Truants, an atmospheric mystery surrounding a toxic mentorship in academia, and a few hints of Agatha Christie.

Turn The Page – Episode 129b

Episode one twenty nine – part two

Meghan Arcuri and Carol Gyzander talk about women in horror month and how you can get involved! First and foremost, you should join us for their event in partnership with Syosset Public Library on February 28. 

Turn The Page – Episode 128

Episode one twenty eight –

Kristin Howell and Lindi Bortney chime in with Sharon to discuss the origins and legacy of The Adelettes, the Syosset High School Barber Shop Music group. Stay tuned for some lovely music featuring several generations of Adelettes after the episode.

Turn The Page – Episode 127b

Episode one twenty seven – part two

Mike Chen introduces us to Zoe and Jamie, two amnesiacs who have extraordinary powers. We Could Be Heroes is a fun examination of what motivates a hero or a villain at any given time, and if given the chance, can you re-write your own self.

Turn The Page – Episode 127c

Episode one twenty seven – part three

Olga Grushin brings us a Cinderella interpretation like you’ve never read before. When the princess finds after years of marriage that Prince Charming is actually terrible, she visits a witch to wish him dead. But there’s more beneath the surface of this fractured fairy tale, and as we uncover each layer, readers will find themselves challenged to question what defines”Happily Ever After”.