Turn The Page – Episode 43

Episode Forty Three: Syosset Stories with Catherine Woodard

Catherine talks about how the unique opportunities — and that one special teacher at Syosset High School gave her the confidence to pursue a career in stage production.

Turn The Page – Episode 42

Episode Forty Two: The Never Game with Jeffery Deaver:

Best selling author Deaver, tells Barney all about The Never Game, a book that launches a brand new series with protagonist Colter Shaw.

Stick around after the interview for a sneak preview of the audiobook.

Turn The Page – Episode 41

Episode Forty One: Beyond the Bully 

School is almost out, but bullying plagues adolescents even after the last bell has rung.

Drs. Mark Welles and David Fagan of the American Academy of Pediatrics joined us to discuss bullying and cyber-bullying, how parents can recognize the signs that their children are being bullied and what we can do to help.