Turn The Page – Episode 77

Episode Seventy Seven: We called him Rabbi Abraham

Rabbi Gary P Zola, PhD. is the Executive Director of The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the
American Jewish Archives (AJA). He joins us to discuss the relationship between President Abraham Lincoln to the American Jewish people who held in him very high regard and often claimed him as one of their own.

Turn The Page – Episode 76a

Episode Seventy Six Part One – Author Interview part One – Ann Napolitano

Ann Napolitano discussed Dear Edward, her acclaimed book about a young boy who must navigate life after being the sole survivor of a plane crash.

Turn The Page – Episode 76b

Episode Seventy Six Part Two – Author Interview part Two

Joseph Finder discusses House on Fire, a novel which sets up a collision course between the opioid crisis and a wealthy family which has made its wealth producing a highly addictive drug.

Turn The Page – Episode 75

Episode Seventy Five – Linda Frank on DNA

How much do you really know about DNA? Expert Linda Frank shares some of the history DNA’s discovery, what exactly it means when we discuss DNA, and how it has become a key player in some of the most notorious criminal cases to date.