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Turn The Page – Episode 264c

Episode two hundred sixty four – part three

Rachel Harrison brings us another fresh twist on horror with BLACK SHEEP, a book about Vesper, a young woman who left her religious home behind and the dark secret that has come to drag her back. It’s not what you think it is.

Turn The Page – Episode 263b

Episode two hundred sixty three – part two

WITCH OF WILD THINGS is a beautiful and melancholy story about magic, family, friendship, and romantic love. Author Raquel Vasquez Gilliland stopped by to talk about plant magic, anthropology, and second chances.

Turn The Page – Episode 263a

Episode two hundred sixty three – part one

Jessikah and Jenn talked to James Frankie Thomas about IDLEWILD: a queer, trans, and early-Internet/post-9/11 twist on the Manhattan prep school novel about the complicated nature of intense teen friendships.

Turn The Page – Episode 263d

Episode two hundred sixty three – part four

Bestselling author Shari Lapena chats about her sharp, exciting writing style as we discuss EVERYONE HERE IS LYING, an edge of your seat thriller about a missing little girl and the secrets of several families including her own.

Turn The Page – Episode 262b

Episode two hundred sixty two – part two

Scott Leeds stopped by to talk about SCHRADER’S CHORD, a terrifying work of horror about cursed vinyl records that open a gateway to the land of the dead. Topics include record store culture, Pacific Northwest horror, and creating an American mythological history.

Turn The Page – Episode 262e

Episode two hundred sixty two – part five

Jessikah and Carissa Orlando chat about haunted houses and haunted people in SEPTEMBER HOUSE, Orlando’s book about a Margaret, who finds her dream house for the right price – as long as she can deal with the hauntings that escalate around the month of September.

Turn The Page – Episode 261c

Episode two hundred sixty one – part three

Jessikah chats with Tracy Wolff and Nina Croft about STAR BRINGER, the first in a series of book featuring and ensemble cast of characters brought together through dyer circumstances in this thrilling space opera.

Turn The Page – Episode 261d

Episode two hundred sixty one – part four

Author Jilly Gagnon talks about her craft and career in suspense as we discuss SCENES OF THE CRIME, an atmospheric thriller set in two timelines with a full cast of unreliable narrators.


Turn The Page – Episode 259a

Episode two hundred fifty nine – part one

We met up with Juno Dawson to chat about THE SHADOW CABINET —  her second in the Her Majesty’s Royal Coven series. A much darker book, THE SHADOW CABINET does NOT disappoint in bringing the witchy-fun intrigue and fast paced reveals with unforgettable characters.