Turn The Page – Episode 293b

Episode two hundred ninety three – part two

Prolific Author Adrian Tchaikovsky chats about HOUSE OF OPEN WOUNDS, a companion to CITY OF LAST CHANCES, the first book in his TYRANT PHILOSOPHERS series. Tchaikovsky tells us his drive for setting a fantasy book in a medical tent outside the brutal battle lines – as well as his unique perspective on necromancy. This is one you’ll need to read.

Turn The Page – Episode 293c

Episode two hundred ninety three – part three

Carter Wilson takes us on a wild wild in THE FATHER THAT SHE WENT TO FIND, a thriller with an 1980’s setting that brings Penny, a young woman with an amazing intellect running towards a father who left her behind – and running from the trouble she’s found along the way.

Turn The Page – Episode 293d

Episode two hundred ninety three – part four

Debut author Rania Hanna joins us to chat Arab Folklore and all the layers to death and grief as explored in her gorgeous novel The Jinn Daughter. You’re going to LOVE this one.

Turn The Page – Episode 292a

Episode two hundred ninety two – part one

Clare is a serial killer who is grieving her beloved father, the only person who she had ever truly cared about. Author Joanna Wallace discusses how her own feelings of loss helped create Clare and this wild, often darkly funny book.

Turn The Page – Episode 292b

Episode two hundred ninety two – part two

Jessikah chats with reluctant novelist Ellen Birkett Morris about BEWARE THE TALL GRASS, a beautifully written story about a mother, a son, and another man’s history that haunts the child’s dreams. Ellen talks about past lives, open minded skepticism, and how motherhood can challenge a marriage as presented in this lovely book.

Turn The Page – Episode 291c

Episode two hundred ninety one – part three

Jeff Hoffman takes on toxic male friendships in LIKE IT NEVER HAPPENED, a book about three men who must face the truth of a life altering event that occurred during their high school years.

Turn The Page – Episode 290c

Episode two hundred ninety – part three

Jessikah chats with Maggie Thrash about Moral Panics, Nostalgia, and Media Frenzies as we discuss RAINBOW BLACK, Maggie’s first adult novel which tells the story of Lacey Bond, a queer teen whose parents are implicated in a heinous crime during the Satanic Panic era of the 80’s and 90’s. Lacey finds herself and her sister under waves of cruel and manipulative media scrutiny which is posed as helpful, and proves anything but.

Turn The Page – Episode 290d

Episode two hundred ninety – part four

Katharine J. Adams invites us in to a delightfully dark world full of magic, intrigue, romance and witchcraft. TONIGHT I BURN will leave you thirsting for the next installment.

Turn The Page – Episode 288c

Episode two hundred eighty eight – part three

We welcome back Carola Lovering for BYE, BABY – a book that traces the history of a toxic friendship. Stacey and Jessikah discuss how this book touches on some sensitive topics, and Carola talks about the pivot from writing about romantic breakups to friend break ups – as well as how music influences her stories.

Turn The Page – Episode 287c

Episode two hundred eighty seven – part four

Author Melodie Edwards chats about ONCE PERSUADED TWICE SHY – her charming retelling of Jane Austen’s PERSUASION, featuring some small town antics, witty banter, and a runaway goose! And of course a classic second chance love story.