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Turn The Page – Episode 249b

Episode two hundred forty nine – part two

Jessikah chats with Rebecca A. Keller, author of YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN, a thriller featuring a woman in her 70s, living in an assisted living community who seeks vengeance when she discovers the man who is responsible for ruining her family is living right next door!

Turn The Page – Episode 249c

Episode two hundred forty nine – part three

Best Selling author Rebecca Yarros flies in to discuss FOURTH WING, a fresh Romantasy about a young woman named Violet whose mother has ordered her to join the ranks of the ruthless dragon riders of Navarre– only Violet’s slight stature among other things are at odds with a world where a dragon would incinerate her on site. Also, Check out Yarros’ charity site One October which aids families and foster children!

Turn The Page – Episode 248c

Episode two hundred forty eight – part three

Jessikah chats with flash fiction phenom Nancy Stohlman about AFTER THE RAPTURE, her fresh, funny short form novel about the RAPTURE, and everything absurd surrounding it.

Turn The Page – Episode 248b

Episode two hundred forty eight – part two

Sherry Thomas joins us to chat about TEMPEST AT SEA, the latest in her LADY SHERLOCK series which finds our titular character undercover after feigning her own death. Thomas chats keeping her series’ fresh, and writing in multiple genres.

Turn The Page – Episode 247d

Episode two hundred forty seven – part four

Ryan Estrada joins us to chat about OCCULTED, his newest graphic novel, co-writter with his friend Amy Rose, illustrated by Jeongmin Lee and published through Iron Circus Comix.

Turn The Page – Episode 246e

Episode two hundred forty six – part five

Long Island Local Carl Paolino chats about the inspiration behind Spontanea! A “street level’“ Superhero comic which came from a need to create during the pandemic. Carl tells us about how he aggregated artists from all over the world to help make this comic happen, and a bit about his time working on MTV’s Celebrity Death Match!

Turn The Page – Episode 246c

Episode two hundred forty six – part three

Dana Stabenow joins us from Alaska to chat about the latest in the Kate Shugak Investigations! We dance around spoilers, so whether or not you’ve read the book listen to this podcast for the banter!

Turn The Page – Episode 244c

Episode two hundred forty four – part three

Jessikah chats with Disha Bose, author of Dirty Laundry, a domestic thriller set in Ireland which begins with the murder of a popular parenting influencer and examines those all around who would want to see her dead.