Turn The Page – Episode 226c

Episode two hundred twenty six – part three

Jenn sat down with Andrew Shaffer, a prolific writer of hilarious parodies and satires. They chatted about FEEL THE BERN, a pitch perfect send up of a cozy mystery starring Bernie Sanders.

Turn The Page – Episode 226a

Episode two hundred twenty six – part one

Aanchal Malhotra zooms in to discuss THE BOOK OF EVERLASTING THINGS, a gorgeous story set within the backdrop of the Indian Partition. Malholtra discusses the roots of this tale, including the art of perfumery and calligraphy.

Turn The Page – Episode 226b

Episode two hundred twenty six – part two

Jessikah chats Fairy Tales with Dahlia Adler, editor of AT MIDNIGHT: 15 BELOVED FAIRY TALES REIMAGINED — a delightful collection of (you guessed it) fairytales reworked by popular YA Authors. Enchanting indeed.

Turn The Page – Episode 225b

Episode two hundred twenty five – part two

Author Megan Bannen comes to us with a unique supernatural enemies to lovers rom-com called AN UNDERTAKING OF HART AND MERCY — a gorgeously written story about loves, death, family, and possession.

Turn The Page – Episode 225a

Episode two hundred twenty five – part one

Kimmery Martin joins us to chat about DOCTORS AND FRIENDS a (made up) pandemic book written prior to the real pandemic, and released during COVID-19. Kimmery discusses the importance of giving a human face to the first responders and how writing more than two perspectives challenged her.

Turn The Page – Episode 224b

Episode two hundred twenty four – part two

Jenn got to chat with Alex Segura about his novel SECRET IDENTITY, a love letter to 1970s New York and the comics industry– and also one of the best mysteries of the year!

Turn The Page – Episode 224a

Episode two hundred twenty four – part one

Evelyn and Sophie discuss their love for Rom-Coms — which feed their souls during hard times, and of course BEFORE I DO, Cousins’ novel which matches a love triangle with a maybe second chance love story.

Turn The Page – Episode 223a

Episode two hundred twenty three – part one

Jessikah catches up with author Mina Hardy AKA Megan Hart about WE KNEW ALL ALONG — an artfully layered domestic thriller that will keep you going with it’s razor sharp plotting.

Turn The Page – Episode 223c

Episode two hundred twenty three – part three

Wanda M. Morris is back, with coffee and a new book! ANYWHERE YOU RUN is a fast paced historical thriller about two black sisters on the run from harrowing situations during the 1964 Jim Crow era.

Turn The Page – Episode 223b

Episode two hundred twenty three – part two

Lily Brooks-Dalton’s THE LIGHT PIRATE is a deeply affecting novel about natural disaster, climate change, and community on the edges of civilization. Jenn talked to Lily about decentering the human and telling nature’s story.