Turn The Page – Episode 152c

Episode one fifty two – part three

Survive the Night brings us back to the early 90’s where Charlie, a guilt ridden film theory student gets into a car with a stranger for a ride home from college. The night ahead takes some very surprising turns that will leave Sager’s fans wondering what awaits at the next stop.

Turn The Page – Episode 152a

Episode one fifty two – part one

Jason Mott, author of Hell of a Book engages us in a lively conversation about his book which masterfully weaves the story of a seemingly carefree Black American author trying to finish his book tour in the wake of the tragic shooting. Heartbreaking, funny, absurd. Wonderful interview.

Turn The Page – Episode 151c

Episode one fifty one – part three

Don Bentley chats with Barney about writing within the Tom Clancy universe with his newest book in the Jack Ryan Jr. series — and the intricacies of writing his own original characters while characterizing icons from the Jack Ryan series.

Turn The Page – Episode 151b

Episode one fifty one – part two

Chantel Guertin discusses misconceptions of women who choose not to become mothers in her novel Instamom, which finds her protagonist Kit, a child-free by choice influencer falling for a single father AND his tweenage daughter.

Turn The Page – Episode 151a

Episode one fifty one – part one

Grab a nice cold drink with a tiny umbrella and let Lacie Waldon entice you with her debut novel The Layover, your next rom-com beach read. Lacie also tells us about the craziest layover experience she has had during her time as a flight attendant.

Special Episode 23

Special Episode 23

Library Facts! Library TikTok has exploded and Tredyffrin Township Libraries has become one to watch. We caught up with Stephanie and Kate to discuss how TikTok grew as a tool to reach their community during the pandemic, some tips and tricks, and more. Fact. After listening to this episode you will be 100% inspired to check out Library TikTok.

Turn The Page – Episode 150a

Episode one fifty – part one

Sharon got to chat with Michael Okon, a classmate of hers and fellow Syosset Alumni about several exciting projects including his several published books within the horror genre and adaptations that are in the works.

Turn The Page – Episode 150c

Episode one fifty – part three

Charlie Gilmour shares his heartfelt memoir Featherhood, which explores how adopting an orphaned Magpie helped Charlie process the loss of his own father who walked out on him when he was still an infant. With some heart felt chatter and some musing about The Giving Tree, Evelyn and Jessikah had the privilege of connecting with Charlie from his home across the pond.

Turn The Page – Episode 150b

Episode one fifty – part two

Samantha Downing’s newest thriller For Your Own Good takes us to a high school where the education takes a backseat to petty rivalries. And that’s not even the teenagers at work. Downing’s protagonist Teddy is a very creepy teacher — and not in the way you are thinking.