Turn The Page – Episode 252c

Episode two hundred fifty two – part three

Javier Castillo is the author of THE SNOW GIRL (now a successful Netflix series) and THE SOUL GAME– both of which are available in English translation for the first time! We talk about translation, adaptation, and building suspense with real emotional stakes.

Turn The Page – Episode 252b

Episode two hundred fifty two – part two

Jennie Wood’s PAPER PLANES is a beautiful and bittersweet tale of two queer teens navigating a complicated relationship at a summer camp for troubled youth after a traumatic . Jennie stopped by the show to talk about their stunning and contemplative graphical novel, illustrated by Dozer.

Turn The Page – Episode 252e

Episode two hundred fifty two – part five

Jenn sat down with Jeffrey Dale Lofton to talk about his achingly beautiful RED CLAY SUZIE, a queer coming of age story of a sensitive boy in a working class family in rural Georgia based on true events.

Turn The Page – Episode 252a

Episode two hundred fifty two – part one

Jessikah and Jenn had a blast chatting with authors and married couple Kate and Danny Tamberelli about their novel, THE FIRST DATE PROPHECY, a sweet and hilarious fictionalized account of their meet cute full of 90s nostalgia!

Turn The Page – Episode 252d

Episode two hundred fifty two – part four

Kristen Alicia’s YOU’VE BEEN SERVED is a delicious romcom about a California chef who leaves everything behind for law school in Michigan. We chatted about crafting romantic tension and slow burns.

Turn The Page – Episode 251c

Episode two hundred fifty one – part three

Jessikah and Jenn sat down with Jake Emanuel & Willie Block, co-creators of THE EDGE OF SLEEP with Jason Gurley- once an immersive audio-drama podcast starring Markiplier, now a book, and soon-to-be a TV show!

Turn The Page – Episode 251e

Episode two hundred fifty one – part five

Evelyn got to chat with Fiona Davis about her gorgeous new book, THE SPECTACULAR, about a young woman pursuing her dreams as a dancer for the Radio City Rockettes amid the tumult of midcentury New York City.

Turn The Page – Episode 251d

Episode two hundred fifty one – part four

Former naval intelligence officer MP Woodward brings his unique background to his writing – touching on covert operations, national security, counterintelligence and diplomacy.

John and Meredith Dale – CIA operatives – and ex spouses – work to protect their vital source from Iranian hit squads. Dead Drop is a smart, fast-paced thriller.

Join Barney as he talks with MP Woodward about this latest entry in the John and Meredith Dale series.

Turn The Page – Episode 251a

Episode two hundred fifty one – part one

Courtney Gould’s WHERE ECHOES DIE is a spooky and elegiac YA thriller about surviving grief, confronting the past, and facing the future. Jenn talks to Courtney about writing about “queer girls, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night.”