Turn The Page – Episode 178b

Episode one seventy eight – part two

Children’s Librarian Meghan catches up with author and Long Island Native Lisa Greenwald to discuss her love of middle grade literature — as well as one of the places dearest to Lisa’s heart which inspired some of her stories — her summer camp!

Turn The Page – Episode 178c

Episode one seventy eight – part three

A highly energetic chat between Evelyn and Jennifer Probst who has written over 50 books. Probst’s latest book THE LOVE LETTER’S OF OLIVIA MORETTI takes sends readers on an emotional tour of the Amalfi coast to discover a secret family history.

Turn The Page – Episode 178a

Episode one seventy eight – part one

West Egg is revisited in this murder mystery told by the women of The Great Gatsby. Jessikah and Evelyn welcome author Jillian Cantor to the North Shore of Long Island (virtually) to talk about her inspiration behind this book, and the legacy of Gatsby.

Turn The Page – Episode 177c

Episode one seventy seven – part three

Jenn sat down with Matthew Gabriele and David Perry to discuss their new book, THE BRIGHT AGES: A NEW HISTORY OF MEDIEVAL EUROPE. They talked why “Dark Ages” isn’t a useful term for the medieval period, the supposed “fall” of Rome (spoiler alert: Rome never fell!), and the complexity and richness of medieval culture.

Turn The Page – Episode 177b

Episode one seventy seven – part two

Elizabeth Weiss dazzles with THE SISTERS SWEET, a story set during the Vaudeville era, set around a set of twins forced to preform as a conjoined pair by their father, until one runs off to become a movie star — leaving her sister to pick up the pieces.

Turn The Page – Episode 177a

Episode one seventy seven – part one

Eliza Jane Brazier joins us to chat GOOD RICH PEOPLE which is as satirical and dark as you might imagine with a title like that coming from the author of IF I DISAPPEAR.

Turn The Page – Episode 176b

Episode one seventy six – part two

Author Sue Lynn Tan zoomed into the pod to discuss DAUGHTER OF THE MOON GODDESS the beautiful story of Xingying, the child of Chang-e, the Chinese Moon Goddess and her beloved Houyi the archer.

Turn The Page – Episode 176a

Episode one seventy six – part two

Author Kerri Maher chats with Evelyn about 1920’s Paris, queer culture and Hemingway, all in the context of Sylvia Beach the titular PARIS BOOKSELLER who opened the first Shakespeare and Co. Shop.

Turn The Page – Episode 175b

Episode one seventy five – part two

Radhika Sanghani chats internet trolls, those pesky life milestones society puts on us all, and why self love is so important! Stacey and Jessikah sat down with Radhika about all of these things and more in the context of her book 30 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MYSELF which finds it’s heroine, Nina, a young British Indian navigating her life after a painful but necessary breakup.

Turn The Page – Episode 175c

Episode one seventy five – part three

Syosset High School student Ellie Kagan chats with us about DYSLEXIA AND SELF ESTEEM, a book she researched and wrote while witnessing her sister’s struggle with dyslexia.