Turn The Page – Episode 15

Episode Fifteen: Align Us!

Dr. Uzma Syed sits down with us to discuss how she came to create ALIGN US, a non-profit organization aimed at connecting high school students with real world career experiences via mentorship.

Turn The Page – Episode 14

Episode Fourteen: Robert Moses, Villain or Savior?

Professor Howard Ehrlich chatted with us about Robert Moses, a divisive figure in the history of Long Island who most definitely still resides in our daily lives through parkways, beaches and the very nature of our transportation culture.

Turn The Page – Episode 13

Episode Thirteen: The History of the Circus! Did P.T. Barnum really say, “There’s a sucker born every minute?” What was the importance of the circus procession?


When did the first animal rights activist groups become vocal? Guest Lecturer Marilyn Carmino sat down with us to chat about the past, present and future of what was once considered “The Greatest Show on Earth.”