Turn The Page – Episode 59

Episode Fifty Nine: Not To Vape — A Health reference podcast:

Think childhood nicotine use has gone up in smoke? A team of expert pediatricians discuss how vaping products are not only nefariously misrepresented (yes, they are still nicotine products!) but are marketed towards children. This is on important episode you won’t want to sit out.

Turn The Page – Episode 58

Episode Fifty Eight: Madeleine Berg

Berg is a Syosset resident, a local nutritionist and the author of OMG! You thing I’m fat!?! stops by to talk about what NOT to say to your children regarding weight, nutrition and body image.

Turn The Page – Episode 57

Episode Fifty Seven – Donna Rosenblum

Nassau Boces Director Donna Rosenblum stops by to discuss her mission in libraries, philanthropy, and the impact of pop culture on our lives.

Turn The Page – Episode 56A

Episode Fifty Six – Part 1 – Annalee Newitz

Anna Newitz discusses Future of Another Timeline, a novel about two factions of time travelers that are battling to perser ve or erase the impact of the women’s movement.

Turn The Page – Episode 56B

Episode Fifty Six – Part 2 – Sarah Pinsker

Sarah Pinsker joins us to talk about A Song For a New Day, a look at a dystopian future where public gatherings are outlawed, and musicians must break the law to give their passionate fans the thrill of a live show.

Turn The Page – Episode 55A

Episode Fifty Five – Part 1- Riley Sager

Riley Sager discusses his most recent book, about a young woman who believes she has found the house sitting job of her dreams — until it becomes a nightmare she could never have fathomed.

Turn The Page – Episode 55B

Episode Fifty Five – Part 2- Melissa de la Cruz

Melissa de la Cruz shares the twisty story of Ellie Stinson’s 40th birthday bash in The Birthday Girl, a slow burn that will leave you guessing until all of the candles have been blown out.

Turn The Page – Episode 54A

Episode Fifty Four A – Kristan Higgins

Kristan Higgins talks about Life and Other Inconveniences, a book about the relationship between a black sheep granddaughter and the blue-blooded grandmother who raised her.


Turn the Page – Episode 54B

Episode Fifty Four B – Clare Mackintosh

Clare Mackintosh, joins us to discuss After the End, her heartbreaking novel about two parents who must make an impossible choice. 

Turn The Page – Episode 53

Episode Fifty Three: Alisa Stern

For over 50 years, Doctor Who has delighted fans of British Science Fiction. Alisa Stern is an animator who turned her love of the show into an endearing stop motion animation series. Alisa discusses her creative processes as well as her upcoming appearance at our very own Sy-Con!