Turn The Page – Episode 163a

Episode one sixty three – part two

Shaun of the Dead is one of the most beloved Horror Comedies of all time, launching Simon Pegg and Nick Frost into the American pop-culture zeitgeist. Clark chats with us about YOU’VE GOT RED ON YOU, a book which tells us how Shaun came to be. #

Turn The Page – Episode 163a

Episode one sixty three – part one

Brent Spiner — yes, THAT Brent Spiner — beams in from the Zoom Quadrant to chat about FAN FICTION, his hilarious “MemNoir” that matches true to life experiences with a wild fictional mystery which takes place on the set of STar Trek TNG in the 1990’s!

Turn The Page – Episode 162b

Episode one sixty two – part two

Its a duo of witchy episodes! We are joined by Erin Sterling author of THE EX HEX, a rom com just perfect for Pumpkin Spice Season! When Vivi, a young witch from Graves Glen, Georgia is dumped by Rhys an upper class witch from British Society, Viv and her cousin get drunk and pretend to curse him. Only the curse generates real magic, and when Rhys returns almost a decades later, sparks fly once again — from romance as well as magical mayhem!

Turn The Page – Episode 162a

Episode one sixty two – part one

Blending horror and humor, Rachel Harrison brings us a cackle of a story about Annie, a young woman who has just been dumped and Sophie, the mysterious woman who has befriended her, offering a kind ear and a chance at empowerment.

Turn The Page – Episode 161a

Episode one sixty one – part one

Ryka zooms in to discuss her heartfelt and whimsical novel A Light From Uncommon Stars! Among the related topics, Ryka and Jessikah discuss change within communities, how media and genre is viewed, and our favorite donuts.

Turn The Page – Episode 161c

Episode one sixty one – part three

Volcanoes are natural monuments to the Earth beneath us, but did you ever consider the volcanoes that exist on other planets? Ralph got to chat with Natalie Starkey about volcanoes of the solar system, the fire type we are familiar with as well as Ice Volcanoes. Yes, you ready that right.

Turn The Page – Episode 161b

Episode one sixty one – part two

Lecia talks female doctors in WWI, and other lesser known heroes on the front as told in her latest novel, The Woman at the Front. Lecia also discusses her past romance novels and her upcoming historical novel set in the years leading up to WWII.

Turn The Page – Episode 160b

Episode one sixty – part two

Jessikah got to talk about the mystery behind magicians with Joshua Jay, author of How Magicians Think. This is one book that will bring some magic into your world and challenge readers to look at magicians in new ways. Of course, we also chat about Neil Patrick Harris, who wrote the foreword.

Turn The Page – Episode 160a

Episode one sixty – part one

Sharon and Pam S. zoomed in with the luminous Nicola Yoon to chat about Joy Revolution, a new publishing imprint created by Nicola and her husband David which tells stories focusing of main characters of color experiencing joy and big love.