Turn The Page – Episode 13

Episode Thirteen: The History of the Circus! Did P.T. Barnum really say, “There’s a sucker born every minute?” What was the importance of the circus procession?


When did the first animal rights activist groups become vocal? Guest Lecturer Marilyn Carmino sat down with us to chat about the past, present and future of what was once considered “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

Turn The Page – Episode 11

Episode Eleven: The future is Fan Fiction!

Alisa Stern loved Doctor Who so much that she created her own original content using stop motion animation — the BBC loved it so much that they aired it on their channel. Matthew Cox wrote a play about a “certain school of magic and wizardry” from the POV of a boy wizard who was sorted into the less than brave “Puffs” house — it is still pleasing audiences off-Broadway years after the predicted short run. Along with pop- culture enthusiast Clive Young and up and coming author Matthew Klapper we chat about the history and cultural impact that fan fiction has had on the media we consume.


Turn The Page – Episode 10

Episode Ten: The Droids you are looking for

Have you ever wanted to build your own R2 unit? John Endres and Scott Kraft of the Long Island R2
sat down with us to talk about their group of makers who build droids of the calibur you’ve
seen on the screen!

Turn the Page – Episode 09

Episode Nine: In the name of the moon, I challenge you!

Librarian and board game enthusiast Michael Buono is the Head of Reference and Patron Services at Brentwood Public Library and Adjunct Lecturer at CUNY Queens. The life long tabletop rpg and anime fan met up with us to unbox the “Sailor Moon Dice Challenge Combat Game” — courtesy of the Dyskami company — and to wax nostalgic about Sailor Moon, the famous anime series which we all adore.

Want to see how to play the game?

Turn The Page – Episode 08

Episode Eight: Code to success

Teacher John Chae and members of the Syosset Robotics team join us to talk about teaching and tinkering with robotics, and their winning recipe for competition.

Turn the Page – Episode 07

Episode Seven: From Mensch to Mobster

Recently NYC tour guide Robin London came to Syosset Public Library to discuss how a “mensch” from a good Jewish home could become a “mobster” and all about the toughest Jewish gangsters that once ruled the streets of the biggest cities in America.

Hear Reader’s Services Librarian Jean Simpson gets Robin’s personal take on these iconic figures in our podcasting studio!

Turn the Page – Episode 05

Episode Five: Tom Montalbano interview part 1

Librarians Barney and Lisa interview local author and historian Tom Montalbano. This interview will conclude in our next episode.