Turn The Page – Episode 269d

Episode two hundred sixty nine – part four

Last year Gill Paul stopped by to talk about one of Jenn’s favorite novels of the year, MANHATTAN GIRLS. This year she’s back to discuss A BEAUTIFUL RIVAL, a fascinating and riveting account of the rivalry between cosmetic titans Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden.

Turn The Page – Episode 269e

Episode two hundred sixty nine – part five

Booktok Sensation Hannah Nicole Maehrer talks VILLAINS! Based on her TikTok series. In the Kingdom of Rennedawn, Evie Sage loses her job, only to walk into an offer for another when she finds a mysterious man and his frog hiding behind some foliage. Little did Evie know at the time that this young man is the infamous Villain of the Kingdom – nor did she anticipate that working for him would connect her with a found family of unlikely allies and maybe even a little romance.

Turn The Page – Episode 269a

Episode two hundred sixty nine – part one

Ryan Britt stopped by last year to talk about PHASERS ON STUN!, a fascinating book about the history and legacy of Star Trek. Now Ryan is back to discuss his follow-up, THE SPICE MUST FLOW, which looks at the impact of Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Turn The Page – Episode 269c

Episode two hundred sixty nine – part three

Saadia Faruqi’s SAVING SUNSHINE is a beautiful and thoughtful middle-grade graphic novel about growing up, experiencing discrimination, and sibling rivalry. Jenn chats with Saadia about writing, inter-faith activism, and sibling dynamics.

Turn The Page – Episode 269b

Episode two hundred sixty nine – part two

Adam Lance Garcia is a prolific producer of television and video, writer of graphic novels, and more. This year, he made the jump from Star Wars superfan to Star Wars canon! We talked about his story, “The Veteran,” which appears in the story collection RETURN OF THE JEDI: FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW.

Turn The Page – Episode 268c

Episode two hundred sixty eight – part three


Nico Bell’s STATIC is a thrill ride of a novella and a masterpiece of short horror! We chat about balancing the short length of a novella with slow burn horror and other writerly issues.

Turn The Page – Episode 268b

Episode two hundred sixty eight – part two

Jessikah and Jenn were psyched to chat with the one and only Max Brooks!! Max stopped by to talk about his Minecraft trilogy, the first original novels in the Minecraft world, and its third volume that is out this week: THE VILLAGE.

Turn The Page – Episode 268e

Episode two hundred sixty eight – part five

Christine Wells THE ROYAL WINDSOR SECRET is a lovely and entertaining piece of historical fiction about a a young “orphan” girl growing up in an ex-pat hotel in Egypt who learns that she may, in fact, be the out-of-wedlock child of a prominent Windsor royal. Christine chats with us about combining exacting historical research with engaging fiction.

Turn The Page – Episode 268d

Episode two hundred sixty eight – part four

Ashley Winstead is back with a bonkers book that will keep the pages turning. Ashley chats with Jessikah about MIDNIGHT IS THE DARKEST HOUR, a heady thriller set against the swamps of Louisiana, that brings out the demons for Ruth and Ever, two childhood best friends with a dark secret.

Turn The Page – Episode 268a

Episode two hundred sixty eight – part one

Samuel Tressler IV’s gorgeous experimental folk horror film, LEDA, is a stunning and eerie journey into fantasy. Samuel stopped by the show to talk about horror, making films without dialogue, and shooting in 3-D.