Turn The Page – Episode 287d

Episode two hundred eighty seven – part five

Lucy Sullivan’s BARKING is a breathtaking and moving graphic novel about grief, depression, and the challenges of navigating the mental health systems on which we rely. Lucy stopped by to chat about writing the book’s protagonist Alix and her journey.

Turn The Page – Episode 287c

Episode two hundred eighty seven – part four

Author Melodie Edwards chats about ONCE PERSUADED TWICE SHY – her charming retelling of Jane Austen’s PERSUASION, featuring some small town antics, witty banter, and a runaway goose! And of course a classic second chance love story.

Turn The Page – Episode 287b

Episode two hundred eighty seven – part three

Premee Mohamed’s THE BUTCHER OF THE FOREST is an eerie fantasy that expertly weaves together the conventions of the fairy tale and cosmic horror to create something entirely new and terrifying. Premee stopped by to chat about its protagonist, Veris, and the dangers of the deep, dark forest.

Turn The Page – Episode 287a

Episode two hundred eighty seven – part one

Friend of the show Mike Chen returns to discuss the trade paperback collection of his graphic novel STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE– THE DOG OF WAR. Fellow Trekkie Jenn nerds out with Mike about corgis, the Borg, and “borgis.”

Turn The Page – Episode 286c

Episode two hundred eighty six – part three

Jenn sat down with Arash Azizi: an accomplished historian, journalist, and author of WHAT IRANIANS WANT: WOMEN, LIFE, FREEDOM, which examines the past, present, and future of Iranian protest movements.

Turn The Page – Episode 286a

Episode two hundred eighty six – part one

Jessikah & Jenn sat down with Sara Shepard, the celebrated author of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and THE LYING GAME, about her newest adult thriller, NOWHERE LIKE HOME. They chat about parenting, “mommunes,” and toxic friendships.

Turn The Page – Episode 286b

Episode two hundred eighty six – part two

Leah Konen plays clever homage to Hitchcock and Highsmith with the story of Mary – a young mother with everything to lose who finds a friend in Willa when they meet on a playground in Brooklyn where Mary’s son likes to play. But then Willa mysteriously drops out of Mary’s life and reappears as someone completely different.

Turn The Page – Episode 285d

Episode two hundred eighty four – part four

Join Kaye, Readers’ Services Librarian, in a chat with Olivia Dade about her new book AT FIRST SPITE, out February 13, just in time for Valentine’s Day! If you enjoy sweet, heartfelt romance (as well as meme education), this book is for you!!

Turn The Page – Episode 285a

Episode two hundred eighty five – part one

Ali Hazelwood switches gears from STEMinist Rom Com to Paranormal Romance. Set in a fresh world full of Vampyres and Werewolves, BRIDE is a fun ride full of amazing characters, surprising twists and a few spicy moments, of course.

Turn The Page – Episode 285b

Episode two hundred eighty five – part two

Richard Roper’s THIS DISASTER LOVES YOU is a bittersweet romance that comes just in time for Valentine’s Day. We chatted about writing dual timelines, English pub culture, and how relationships change over time.