Turn The Page – Episode 182a

Episode one eighty two – part one

Author Lisa Lutz chats with us about THE ACCOMPLICE, a thrilling mystery focusing on platonic male/female best friends Owen and Luna — who think they know everything about each other, but have some secrets of their own.

Turn The Page – Episode 182b

Episode one eighty two – part two

In every generation — since the 90’s, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has captivated fans with colorful characters, a celebration of awkwardness, and some butt-kicking heroines. Kendare Blake joined us to talk about IN EVERY GENERATION, the newest edition to the Buffy-verse where the newest initiate is Frankie Rosenberg, the daughter of Willow and the first Slayer/Witch hybrid.

Turn The Page – Episode 182c

Episode one eighty two – part three

In this chapter, Jessikah and Deanna Raybourne spend a good amount of time dancing around spoilers of the seventh VERONICA SPEEDWELL series — and manage to discuss Victorian grandparent scams. Deanna’s writing is as addicting as candy, so if you have not yet begun reading her books you should!

Turn The Page – Episode 181c

Episode one eighty one – part three

Jenn sat down with Gretchen Felker-Martin to discuss her new novel with Tor Nightfire. MANHUNT is a tour de force of apocalyptic horror that centers the experiences of trans women and men on a journey of survival through a hostile world of ravenous feral men.

Turn The Page – Episode 181b

Episode one eighty one – part two

Author S. A. Barnes, AKA Stacey Kade talks about space horror as it is gloriously displayed in DEAD SILENCE a terrifying tale that can be described as Titanic, meets Event Horizon, meets Alien. What a ride it was.

Turn The Page – Episode 181a

Episode one eighty one – part one

Favorite guest Grady Hendrix takes a break from talking about Horror to discuss THESE FISTS BREAK BRICKS, HOW KUNGFU MOVIES SWEPT AMERICA AND CHANGED THE WORLD.

Turn The Page – Episode 180a

Episode one eighty – part one

Jenn sat down with Danièle Cybulskie to discuss her new book, HOW TO LIVE LIKE A MONK: MEDIEVAL WISDOM FOR MODERN LIFE. Conversation topics include the daily life of a medieval monk or nun, minimalism past and present, and the similarities between monastic practices and the modern mindfulness movement.

Turn The Page – Episode 180b

Episode one eighty – part two

Sara Flannery Murphy gets critical about genre fiction — in that we should be less critical of genre as a whole. Sara and Jessikah discuss what (they think) defines genre and why they think this topic has been maligned for so long.