Monthly Archives: February 2022

Turn The Page – Episode 180c

Episode one eighty – part three

Jenn and Stacey got a chance to chat hospitality and fancy cocktails with Maxwell Britten co author of CAN I MIX YOU A DRINK a fun ride through the world of Mixology — a blend of humor, and innovative drinks inspired by a playlist of Britten’s co-author T-Pain!

Turn The Page – Episode 179c

Episode one seventy nine – part three

Ravi Shankar, a poet and professor discusses incarceration and the need to refocus on rehabilitation versus punishment as told in CORRECTIONAL, his memoir documenting his early life and focusing on his 90 day sentence in Hartford Correctional Center.

Turn The Page – Episode 179b

Episode one seventy nine – part two

Thrity Umrigar zooms in to discuss HONOR, a heart wrenching tale of violence and love in India when Meena, a young Hindu woman whose own brothers burned her and murdered her husband because he was Muslim.

Turn The Page – Episode 179a

Episode one seventy nine – part one

Alexandria Bellefluer’s COUNT YOUR LUCKY STARS comes full circle when Margot, runs into ex high school flame Olivia while planning the wedding of Annie and Brendan from the previous installment. This sapphic second chance love story will warm your like a mug of hot cocoa!