Turn The Page – Episode 278b

Episode two hundred seventy eight – part two

27 Years ago, Pulitzer Award Winner Peg Tyre wrote a juicy crime fiction story based on some of her experiences as a field reporter in New York City. Now, Strangers in the Night is back! Re-released and given new life, this book holds up as a juicy, funny, sexy crime thriller! Peg chats about the changes in the world of media reporting since the Strangers in the Night’s release and much more.

Turn The Page – Episode 278c

Episode two hundred seventy eight – part three

Christine Platt and Catherine Wigginton Greene joined Evelyn to talk about their first book that they co-authored, REBECCA, NOT BECKY.
Listen to this podcast to see why everyone needs to read this to help them have an educated discussion on racism.

Turn The Page – Episode 278a

Episode two hundred seventy eight – part one

Lana Ferguson pops in to chat about THE FAKE MATE, her spicy contemporary supernatural romance that centers around two wolf shifters (werewolves) who work in a hospital setting together! Ferguson brings her enthusiastic spirit to this episode and tells us all about writing THOSE scenes.

Turn The Page – Episode 277a

Episode two hundred seventy seven – part one

Friend of the show Zach Rosenberg stopped by again to chat about THE LONG SHALOM. Jessikah and Jenn had a blast talking about this rollicking Jewish horror-noir that transcends genres, space and time.

Turn The Page – Episode 277b

Episode two hundred seventy seven – part two

Romantic Adventure fans rejoice! Raiders of the Lost Heart is an enemies to love letter to fans of The Mummy, The Lost City, Lara Croft, and of course Indiana Jones. Join Corrie and Ford, two archeologists who have had a bitter rivalry for their entire careers, which comes together on an adventure that brings them closer to the heart.

Turn The Page – Episode 277c

Episode two hundred seventy seven – part three

Evelyn interviewed the co-authors Juliet Giglio & Keith Giglio about their Christmas novel The Trouble with Tinsel. Both the authors are screenwriters and professors at New York colleges. Juliet is a professor at Evelyn’s alma mater SUNY Oswego so they had so much to talk about!

Turn The Page – Episode 276b

Episode two hundred seventy six – part two

Author J. Wynn Rousuck brings us a dog’s eye view at grief in PLEASE WRITE! A NOVEL IN LETTERS, an Epistolary novel (written in letters) about two dogs, their ability to communicate and the changes in their home lives as their owner’s life unravels.

Turn The Page – Episode 276a

Episode two hundred seventy six – part one

Author Bernadette Giacomazzo stopped by to talk about THE GOLDEN GIRLS: A CULTURAL HISTORY, a lovely examination of the making of the classic sitcom and its legacy. This book is chock full of fun facts about how the Golden Girls changed the television landscape and fascinating cultural commentary!

Turn The Page – Episode 275c

Episode two hundred seventy five – part three

Jessikah chats ALL THE LITTLE BIRD HEARTS with Viktoria Lloyd-Barlow – an emotional story about Sunday an autistic mother and her 16 year old daughter Dolly, whose lives get complicated when a sophisticated couple moves next door.