Turn The Page – Episode 291d

Episode two hundred ninety one – part four

Zibby Owens is on the TURN THE PAGE podcast for the second time speaking with Evelyn about her wonderful debut novel BLANK. Besides for being an author Zibby is the award-winning podcast host of Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books. She is also celebrating the 1-year anniversary of her bookstore, Zibby’s Books in Santa Monica, California. It was very enjoyable catching up with Zibby!

Turn The Page – Episode 291e

Episode two hundred ninety one – part five

Allison Pataki has written another fabulous historical fiction book, FINDING MARGARET FULLER. Evelyn and Allison spoke about what an amazing women Margaret Fuller was and the research that Allison needed to do to write this wonderful book. If you loved her last book, THE MAGNIFICENT LIVES OF MARJORIE POST, don’t miss this one!

Turn The Page – Episode 278c

Episode two hundred seventy eight – part three

Christine Platt and Catherine Wigginton Greene joined Evelyn to talk about their first book that they co-authored, REBECCA, NOT BECKY.
Listen to this podcast to see why everyone needs to read this to help them have an educated discussion on racism.

Turn The Page – Episode 277c

Episode two hundred seventy seven – part three

Evelyn interviewed the co-authors Juliet Giglio & Keith Giglio about their Christmas novel The Trouble with Tinsel. Both the authors are screenwriters and professors at New York colleges. Juliet is a professor at Evelyn’s alma mater SUNY Oswego so they had so much to talk about!

Turn The Page – Episode 274a

Episode two hundred seventy four – part one

Kerri chats with Evelyn about her new novel ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CALL, a book based on the true story of the Jane Collective and the brave women who fought for our right to choose.

Turn The Page – Episode 273a

Episode two hundred seventy three – part one

Isa Arsén talks to Evelyn about her novel SHOOT THE MOON. Time-travel and Apollo 11 play a big part in this wonderful debut novel about a young, ambitious secretary.

Turn The Page – Episode 260c

Episode two hundred sixty – part three

To break out of a 24-hour time loop, all Jack needs is for Gemma to fall in love with him in a single day. Evelyn sat down with Holly James to chat about her delightful new romance!

Turn The Page – Episode 259c

Episode two hundred fifty nine – part three

Bestselling authors Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray are back to speak with Evelyn about their second novel together, THE FIRST LADIES about the extraordinary partnership between Eleanor Roosevelt and civil rights activist Mary McLeod Bethune.

Turn The Page – Episode 257e

Episode two hundred fifty seven – part five

Join Evelyn to discuss THE SEVEN YEAR SLIP — In Red Mountain, where everyone’s lives are intertwined like the vines in the town’s beautiful and renowned vineyards, the secrets of four complicated people are revealed, and they each wonder if this town filled with eccentrics will rally around them—or turn their backs.