Turn The Page – Episode 295c

Episode two hundred ninety five – part three

Debut author Sara Koffi’s WHILE WE WERE BURNING is just the right amount of bonkers in this compelling read about two women from the suburbs of Memphis with a connection to the death of a young black boy – and how they circle one another’s fates speeding towards a conclusion that will blow reader’s minds.

Turn The Page – Episode 295d

Episode two hundred ninety five – part four

Animal Crossing, or Animal Double-Crossing? Australian cartoonist Luke Milton’s debut graphic novel, ANIMALS RULE THIS LAND, is a trippy fever dream of a Saturday Morning cartoon that imagines a rather peculiar end of the world…

Turn The Page – Episode 295a

Episode two hundred ninety five – part one

In YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, author KT Ngyuen brings us a tour of generational trauma as the picture perfect life of Vietnamese American mother Annie (Ahn Le) begins to unravel after the death of her very difficult mother – a former war refugee.

Turn The Page – Episode 295b

Episode two hundred ninety five – part two

Jenn sat down with Stacy Stokes to chat about THE DARKNESS RISES, a gorgeous and gripping YA supernatural thriller about a teen with supernatural abilities, and coming to grips with the unintended consequences of our choices.

Turn The Page – Episode 294d

Episode two hundred ninety four – part four

Heather Frese is the author of THE SADDEST GIRL ON THE BEACH. Evelyn speaks with Heather about her coming-of-age novel that takes place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Turn The Page – Episode 294a

Episode two hundred ninety four – part one

Toxic female friendships with a bio tech twist! In college, Mary and Elizabeth were inseparable best friends, who just happened to have access to a body switching technology called the Empathizer. But ten years later the women are living very different lives that change on a dime when both the empathizer and a long buried secret return to haunt them.

Turn The Page – Episode 294c

Episode two hundred ninety four – part three


Meghan sat down with author Linda Crotta Brennan to discuss The Selkie’s Daughter, a wonderfully imagined children’s middle-grade novel set in nineteenth century Nova Scotia. The Selkie’s Daughter incorporates folklore and fantasy elements and tells the coming-of-age story of young girl named Brigit and her adventures to discover her half-human, half-selkie heritage

Turn The Page – Episode 294b

Episode two hundred ninety four – part two

Nick Medina spins tropes on their head in INDIAN BURIAL GROUND, his next horror novel set on a reservation. But is the true horror supernatural, or is it the day to day impact of generational trauma as experienced by Noemi and her uncle Louie.

Turn The Page – Episode 293a

Episode two hundred ninety three – part one

A SWEET STING OF SALT is a gorgeous queer reimagining of the classic folktale “The Selkie Wife.” Author Rose Sutherland stopped by to talk about this beautiful tale of longing.

Turn The Page – Episode 293b

Episode two hundred ninety three – part two

Prolific Author Adrian Tchaikovsky chats about HOUSE OF OPEN WOUNDS, a companion to CITY OF LAST CHANCES, the first book in his TYRANT PHILOSOPHERS series. Tchaikovsky tells us his drive for setting a fantasy book in a medical tent outside the brutal battle lines – as well as his unique perspective on necromancy. This is one you’ll need to read.