Turn The Page – Episode 156c

Episode one fifty six – part three

Barney zoomed in with Gary Grossman and Ed Fuller, authors of Red Hotel and Red Deception — a riveting series that sets a tale of National Security set in a form of America’s Infrastructure we never expect to be under attack. Hotels.

Turn The Page – Episode 156b

Episode one fifty six – part two

A tale of sisters, wolves, and trauma. Charlottle McConaghy joined us from Sydney, Australia to chat about Once There Were Wolves, a novel that grabs you by the throat with the first line.

Turn The Page – Episode 156a

Episode one fifty six – part one

Rachel Donohue joins us from Ireland to chat about Temple House Vanishing, a moody true crime mystery set in an Irish Boarding school in 1990’s Ireland.

Turn The Page – Episode 155b

Episode one fifty five – part two

Robyn Harding invites us to visit with The Perfect Family — the Adlers who are all about keeping up appearances. But under the façade each member of the family holds a secret that if exposed could ruin them. And now they are being harassed by mysterious entities that seem to know something. Harding chats thrillers, family, and suburbia in this exciting interview.

Turn The Page – Episode 155a

Episode one fifty five – part one

Mary Adkins joins us to chat about Palm Beach, her newest book that sets a struggling couple with a young child — and a lot of personal principles in the world of Palm Beach, where wealth is beyond anything they have experienced in the past. What happens when a life of death situation brings this couple to a decision that plays poorly against some of their previously conceived notions of wealth and class? Mary also weighs in on some of her favorite Palm Beach restaurants!

Turn The Page – Episode 155c

Episode one fifty five – part three

Barney catches up with Ace Atkins to discuss his newest Quinn Colson Novel and adds his welcome perspective on how his characters have progressed! Ace also discusses some southern cuisine (what is a fried pie?) and talks about taking up the mantle of Robert P. Parker.

Turn The Page – Episode 154c

Episode one fifty four – part three

Chuck Wendig zooms in to chat with us about Book of Accidents, his latest horror novel which is a haunted house book — maybe? Wendig engages us in a lively chat about local urban legends, working within the realm of RPGs and gives us a peek into his upcoming middle grade book, Dust & Grim.

Turn The Page – Episode 154a

Episode one fifty four – part one

Masculinity in Horror with Fan Girl Jeanne – What is the odd appeal of Ash’s metamorphoses throughout the Evil Dead Series? Why is Freddy so Charismatic? Did Wes Craven do right by Randy in Scream? All this and more in the conclusion of the Middle Class Horror Collaboration with Fan Girl Jeanne.

Turn The Page – Episode 154b

Episode one fifty four – part two

The Pandemic has been a boon for gamers, veteran and novice alike. We caught up with Andrew Searles of D&D Beyond to discuss how this online tool has brought Dungeons and Dragons into homes, overseas, and beyond. Andrew chatted with us about the therapeutic reach of Role Playing Games.

Turn The Page – Episode 153c

Episode one fifty three – part three

Set on a vineyard on the East End of Long Island, Jamie Brenner’s Blush brings together three generations of women, trashy romance novels of the 80’s, and a bit of family drama. Brenner entertains us with some history of Long Island Vineyards in regards to how they came to be and the ability of women to break into the world of wine.