Turn The Page – Episode 266b

Episode two hundred sixty six – part two

CIA Agent Bill Heflin returns to Bucharest – a cauldron of spies and crooked politicians. This sequel to The Bucharest Dossier finds Agent Heflin back in Bucharest – to clear his name and that of his most valued source who might turn out to be a triple agent. The books mix intrigue, spy craft and a love story with the factual background of the Romanian Revolution of 1989 and changes in the country in its aftermath. Barney talks with author William Maz about both books and learns about tzuika, the ubiquitous plum brandy of Romania.

Turn The Page – Episode 262d

Episode two hundred sixty two – part four

The quiet of a Texas night is shattered by the sounds of screeching brakes, crumpling metal and, most shockingly, rapid gunfire. The auto accident Jack Ryan Jr thought he witnessed turned out to be a professional hit. Jack is drawn into the seedy underbelly of a small, Texas town and the cold case of a college student who vanished from its streets. Jack is left with nothing but questions. His quest for answers will take Jack from a quiet Texas road to the middle of an international conspiracy and may just cost him his life.

Weapons Grade is everything you would expect from a Tom Clancy book – lots of action, lots of high tech and the highest of stakes.

New York Times bestselling author Don Bentley spent a decade as an Army Apache helicopter pilot. Following his time in the military, Don worked as an FBI special agent focusing on foreign intelligence and counterintelligence and was a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team member.

Turn The Page – Episode 258d

Episode two hundred fifty eight – part four

The only thing that spreads faster than gossip in Palm Beach is news of a mysterious death. As the editorial director of Palm Beach Confidential, Maribelle Barrows knows what lies beneath the glittering facade of the moneyed elite on Florida’s glamourous coast. Or does she? When her adored and impressive husband, Samuel, dies suddenly, the secrets and lies between Maribelle and her sisters rise to the surface. Compounding the anguish, the authenticity of their socially ambitious mother and their lavish lifestyle of mansions, privilege and couture clothes is thrown into doubt. As their carefully constructed image unravels, each sister realizes she must fend for herself. While the pathway out is steep, it is worth any risk. Until the winner takes all. Maribelle’s Shadow is a compelling tale of deception and what lurks beneath family loyalty, written by a nationally renowned observer of women’s relationships.

Turn The Page – Episode 258c

Episode two hundred fifty eight – part three

Dez Limerick returns in Deadlock by James Byrne. Desmond Aloysius Limerick (“Dez” to his friends and close personal enemies) is a man with a shadowy past, certain useful hard-won skills, and, if one digs deep enough, a reputation as a good man to have at your back. Now retired from his previous life, Dez is just a bloke with a winning smile, a bass guitar, and bullet wounds that paint a road map of past lives.

Barney talks with James Byrne about this latest entry in the Dez Limerick series.

Turn The Page – Episode 254b

Episode two hundred fifty three – part two

The dramatic true story of the champion Thoroughbred racehorse who gained international fame in the tumultuous Civil War-era South and became the most successful sire in American racing history. Kim Wickens, a lawyer and dressage rider, became fascinated by this legendary horse when she learned that twelve of Thoroughbred racing’s thirteen Triple Crown winners descended from Lexington. Kim spent years meticulously researching the horse and his legacy—and with Lexington, she presents an absorbing, exciting account that transports readers back to the raucous beginning of American horse racing and introduces them to the stallion at its heart.

Turn The Page – Episode 253c

Episode two hundred fifty three – part three

For Detective Ebony Jones, crime is always personal. But this time, it strikes too close to home.

A pop-up thunderstorm and a couple’s ill-fated kayak trip. The woman miraculously made it back to shore, but her fiancé remains missing.

The investigation leads them through the dark worlds of social media, online sports betting, and extreme sports. Along the way, they uncover lies and betrayals, and gather a list of dangerous suspects who are all linked to the accident survivor, Kyle’s mysterious fiancée.

But the evidence is as murky as the secretive Hudson River. Only the river knows whether Kyle’s untimely death was an accident, a suicide, or something more sinister.

‌Barney talks with author Jode Millman about this newest entry in the Queen City Crimes series.

Turn The Page – Episode 251d

Episode two hundred fifty one – part four

Former naval intelligence officer MP Woodward brings his unique background to his writing – touching on covert operations, national security, counterintelligence and diplomacy.

John and Meredith Dale – CIA operatives – and ex spouses – work to protect their vital source from Iranian hit squads. Dead Drop is a smart, fast-paced thriller.

Join Barney as he talks with MP Woodward about this latest entry in the John and Meredith Dale series.

Turn The Page – Episode 247e

Episode two hundred forty seven – part five

Barney and Evelyn spoke with Liv Constantine, the pen name of sisters Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine about their new domestic thriller THE SENATOR’S WIFE.

Turn The Page – Episode 246d

Episode two hundred forty six – part four

Forgotten War finds Matt Drake in a desperate and dangerous effort to clear his best friend of charges of war crimes. Propelled by his commitment to his best friend, to his brothers and sisters in arms and to his country, Matt returns to Afghanistan amidst the tumult and tragedy of the US withdrawal.

Special Episode 29

Special Episode 29

The most enduring detectives in American crime fiction return in Jonathan Kellerman’s latest thriller, UNNATURAL HISTORY. Psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware and Detective Milo Sturgis are drawn into an unsettling case of altruism gone wrong in the city of Los Angeles.

Jonathan Kellerman joins Turn the Page for a fascinating discussion of life, writing and the innate intelligence of dogs.