Turn The Page – Episode 169b

Episode One Sixty Nine – Part Two

From Long Island Congressman, to novelist, to indie bookshop pioneer! Steve Israel joins Barney and Jessikah to chat about the inspiration behind opening Theordore’s Bookshop in Oyster Bay when the world had seemingly thought the time of small bookstores to have passed. Special shout out to Peggy Zeiran formerly of Turn of the Corkscrew Books and Syosset’s Borders who will be Steve’s General Manager at Theodores.

Turn The Page – Episode 169a

Episode One Sixty Nine – Part One

When the world shut down, Todd Doughty got to work making lists of the little things that brought him joy in uncertain times. Todd joins us to chat about how these lists brought light to himself and to Instagram followers and eventually became his book LITTLE PIECES OF HOPE which is the perfect gift for all of your loved ones this holiday season.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/toddadoughty/?hl=en

Turn The Page – Episode 168b

Episode one sixty eight – part two

Gender swapped Sherlock Holmes — Charlotte Holmes goes out on her sixth outing in this wonderful novel. We got to chat with author Sherry Thomas about Holmes, historical romance, and occult cults (say that five times fast). We also name dropped the lovely Deanna Raybourne.

Turn The Page – Episode 168a

Episode one sixty eight – part one

Alma Katsu, best known for her historical horror gets to flex her CIA background while she chats about Red Widow, her first spy novel, now in development for a television series. Alma also give us a preview of her upcoming novel which is a return to historical horror, tackling Japanese American Internment.

Turn The Page – Episode 167a

Episode one sixty seven – part one

Barney Catches up with author Patricia Dunn about LAST STOP ON THE 6, a story of self discovery while re-discovering your old neighborhood. Barney and Patricia have lots of notes to compare about loud Italian families, which adds to their delightful conversation

Turn The Page – Episode 167b

Episode one sixty seven – part two

Previously recorded at a live virtual event, author Richard Chizmar talks horror, serial killers and childhood fears while engaging his audience in some Q&A about his latest book CHASING THE BOOGEYMAN.

Turn The Page – Episode 166a

Episode one sixty six – part one

Wanda M. Morris drops in to chat about ALL HER LITTLE SECRETS, her debut legal thriller which stages Ellice Littlejohn, a brilliant black lawyer against a conspiracy behind the Atlanta law firm in which she practices — and one that threatens to dig up the ghosts of her past.

Turn The Page – Episode 166b

Episode one sixty six – part two

Barney catches up with Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson to dive into DARK INTERCEPT a thriller with a spiritual twist! Barney, Brian and Jeffrey dig in deep to the secrets and scripture which drives the story.