Turn The Page – Episode 239b

Episode two hundred thirty nine – part two

Jessikah and Jenn talked to Michael Low about “teaching with games and games that teach.” They chatted about how RPGs can foster writing skills, creativity, collaboration, and self-esteem.

Turn The Page – Episode 239c

Episode two hundred thirty nine – part three

Jessikah chats with author Jennifer Herrera about THE HUNTER, a fabulous thriller about a small town with some big secrets. They also chat about women’s obsession with true crime where the victims are women themselves.

Turn The Page – Episode 238e

Episode two hundred thirty eight – part five

Last year Jude stopped by to chat about MAW, a thrilling folk horror comic. This week he’s back to talk about the first issue of THE NEIGHBORS, a five-issue mini-series on the terrors of queer parenting and community paranoia.

Turn The Page – Episode 238b

Episode two hundred thirty eight – part two

Annette Lyon’s JUST ONE MORE is about a librarian named Jenn who dies while investigating her husband’s dark past. Syosset’s own librarian Jenn, who is alive, sat down with Annette to discuss this suspenseful thriller.

Turn The Page – Episode 238c

Episode two hundred thirty eight – part three

Musicologist Lily Hirsch joins us to discuss Can’t Stop the Grrrls, a look at women in the music industry and how double standards such as race, sexuality, and of course gender effect how the public treats them.

Turn The Page – Episode 238a

Episode two hundred thirty eight – part one

Jenn chatted with the editors of BLACK CRANES: TALES OF UNQUIET WOMEN, a powerhouse collection of horror tales from Southeast Asian writers, back in print thanks to Raw Dog Screaming Press.

Turn The Page – Episode 238d

Episode two hundred thirty eight – part four

Author Kimberly G. Giarratano swings in to chat about DEATH OF A DANCING QUEEN, the story of Billie Levine, a Gen Z Jewish Private Investigator who holds office in a Kosher Deli. Billie’s debut adventure sees her tangled up in a feud between a skin head gang and a Jewish mob family in the shadow of a murdered exotic dancer.