Turn The Page – Episode 204d

Episode two hundred four – part four

Evelyn has a delightful chat with Alison Fairbrother, author of THE CATCH, the story of a grieving daughter, a father’s secrets, and a very important baseball.

Turn The Page – Episode 204c

Episode two hundred four – part three

Jenn gushes to Danielle Jackson about her cozy romance, THE ACCIDENTAL PINUP, a perfect summer read. They chat about books with good vibes, the world of professional photography, and Chicago.

Turn The Page – Episode 204b

Episode two hundred four – part two

Jenn sat down with Dwyer Murphy to discuss his contemporary Brooklyn noir, AN HONEST LIVING, They chatted hanging out in Brooklyn in your twenties, stoner noir and letting weird things happen to your characters.

Turn The Page – Episode 204a

Episode two hundred four – part one

Elizabeth Kilcoyne paid Jody and Jenn a virtual visit to discuss her beautiful and eerie YA horror debut, WAKE THE BONES. They chat about rural horror, taxidermy, and family ghosts.

Turn The Page – Episode 203a

Episode two hundred three – part one

Jenn was lucky enough to talk to one of her very favorite film writers about one of her very favorite film actors. Keith Phipps’ AGE OF CAGE: FOUR DECADES OF HOLLYWOOD THROUGH ONE SINGULAR CAREER is a do-not-miss title for all fans of film history and Nicolas Cage.

Turn The Page – Episode 203c

Episode two hundred three – part three

Sarah Gailey’s JUST LIKE HOME is one of the scariest and most moving books of the year. They chatted with Jenn about how your family shapes your worldview, childhood versus adult fears, and why the scariest place in the house is under the bed.

Turn The Page – Episode 203b

Episode two hundred three – part two

The Fantasy of the Middle Ages with Larisa Grollemond and Bryan C. Keene

Jenn sat down with the curators behind a fantastic new exhibit at the Getty Museum in LA, who have written and designed an absolutely gorgeous book to accompany it. THE FANTASY OF THE MIDDLE AGES examines our continuing fascination with the Middle Ages, how medieval manuscript culture shaped our medieval fantasy worlds, and what’s great about Renaissance Faires.

Turn The Page – Episode 203d

Episode two hundred three – part four

Barney sat down with Brandon Webb and John David Mann to chat COLD FEAR, the follow up to STEEL FEAR which finds the protagonist Finn on the run in Reykjavík.