Turn The Page – Episode 202b

Episode two hundred two – part two

Shauna J. Grant joins us again to chat about MIMI AND THE CUTIE CATASTROPHE, a perfectly pink graphic novel for kids. Shauna and Jessikah chat about being yourself and the existential crisis posed by Mewtwo in the Pokemon movie.

Turn The Page – Episode 202a

Episode two hundred two – part one

Horror writers, James Aquilone and Lisa Morton join us to chat about CLASSIC MONSTERS UNLEASHED, a horror anthology funded by kickstarter which features horror authors writing new stories of their favorite classic monsters.

Turn The Page – Episode 202e

Episode two hundred two – part five

Jenn spoke with Meridel Newton about her new post-apocalyptic trilogy, which launched this May with its first installment. THE FUTURE SECOND BY SECOND is about the city of Osto, a safe haven in a lawless world, and its encounter with some would-be invaders.

Turn The Page – Episode 201d

Episode two hundred one – part four

Travel to MUSTIQUE ISLAND with Sarah McCoy, who joined us to discuss both the island and the book based on the very real island that hosted the biggest stars of the 70’s. Sarah shared some of her own findings about MUSTIQUE which lead to her need to write this novel and tell the story of Willie May, her fabulous protagonist. Take this book to the beach and take it all in.

Turn The Page – Episode 201c

Episode two hundred one – part three

Author Lucy Clarke takes us away to a Hen Weekend on a beautiful Greek Island where 6 women experience great food, gorgeous scenery and MURDER? ONE OF THE GIRLS is a Beach Read sure to make waves.

Turn The Page – Episode 201e

Episode two hundred one – part five

Best selling author Griffin chats Texas Murder files # 3 MIDNIGHT DUNES, a beach read of a mystery that pairs Macey, a film maker with Detective Owen Breda when Macey discovers that her beach rental was the home of a young woman whose body was just discovered in what is now a murder investigation.

Turn The Page – Episode 201b

Episode two hundred one – part two

We caught up with Sam, Jo and Fiona — the creators of Neon Squid Books, an imprint of MacMillan which is bringing beautifully illustrated non-fiction books to children everywhere. No topic is off limits, from Big Cats to fossilized Viking poop (from an Archeology book).