Turn The Page – Episode 200a

Episode two hundred – part one

Kathy Kim (Sesame Street’s Ji-Young) and Jay Max (Song Writer) return to Turn the Page to chat about their friendship which began at Syosset’s HB Thompson Middle School and thrived throughout their time at SHS. Kathy and Jay treat us to their own origin stories as creatives and muse on the turns their lives had taken as they grew into success in the entertainment industry.

Turn The Page – Episode 200c

Episode two hundred – part three

Mother and Daughter novelists Hilma and Meg take a trip back to Syosset to chat about when they realized they were natural storytellers. The Wolitzers celebrate how the Syosset Library was a touchstone in their lives and tell us about their favorite area restaurants.

Turn The Page – Episode 200b

Episode two hundred – part two

Judd Apatow, who needs no further introduction was surprised when we invited him back only to have Jack DeMasi — SHS’s Faculty Advisor to the Radio Station and TV Production Teacher who had mentored Judd in High School. Judd and Jack tell us about some Syosset shenanigans at the radio station and beyond.

Turn The Page – Episode 200d

Episode two hundred – part four

Jack Demasi returns and this time he has brought Josh Rosenthal (of Tompkins Square Records) and Bob Goodman (TV Writer and Producer of CBS’s Elementary and other favorites) to chat about the boundaries pushed at WKWZ, Syosset High School’s own Radio Station which allowed its students a freedom few would have found everywhere else. Jack, Josh and Bob chat about interviewing politicians, getting free stuff from record companies and how their experiences shaped their careers today.

Turn The Page – Episode 199b

Episode one ninety nine – part two

Jenn sat down with Austin Trunick, author of the CANNON FILM GUIDE, part two of which is recently available. They chat about film history, the rise and fall of the Cannon Film Group, Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone, and the Death Wish franchise.

Turn The Page – Episode 199e

Episode one ninety nine – part five

Children’s Librarian Meghan F. chatted with Stacy Hackney about THE SISTERS OF LUNA ISLAND, a middle grade contemporary fantasy novel about three sisters with magical abilities, and Marigold, the youngest sister who is finding herself and her way while trying to break a centuries old curse.

Turn The Page – Episode 199c

Episode one ninety nine – part three

Jessikah chats with June Gervais about JOBS FOR GIRLS WITH ARTISTIC FLARE, the story of Gina, a young woman living on Long Island in the 80’s. Gina dreams of becoming a tattoo artist in her brother’s shop. This book is a breath of fresh South Bay air.

Turn The Page – Episode 199a

Episode one ninety nine – part one

It’s graduation season for some, and others are gearing up for the college search this summer. Syosset High School Principal John Durante joins us to chat about the inspiration behind his own podcast The College Admission Process Podcast which aims to help kids and parents ease the often overwhelming task of applying to college.

Special Episode 27 – Part A

Part A

Stacey connected with music entrepreneur, Nabil Ayers about family, fathers, and DNA testing — and of course MY LIFE IN THE SUNSHINE, Nabil’s memoir about growing up the son of jazz musician Roy Ayers — who he new of but never knew as his mother raised him by choice as a single mother. Nabil also shares some stories of touring with bands in the 90’s and the early aughts.