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Special Episode 21

Special Episode 21 – Summer Scares! with Becky Spratford and Konrad Stump

Summer is a great time to read Horror Fiction! We are joined by Becky Spratford (RA For All) and Konrad Stump (The Springfield-Greene County Library District) to discuss Summer Scares 2021 and why we love to be scared.

Beck and Silvia Moreno-Garcia on Shelfcare

Announcing the 5th Annual StokerCon Librarians’ Day Schedule of Events

Summer Scares Programming Guide

Special Episode 19

Special Episode 19

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We caught up with Matthew, a home grown hero who took his love of gardening for fresh vegetables to providing produce for a local food pantry.

Matthew tells us all about his Growing for Good initiative, and how locals can get involved. Bonus! Matthew also describes the process of making seed paper, which is very cool.

Special Episode 18

Special Episode 18

We welcomed guests from all over the world to talk about their involvement in The Covid Cello Project, a series of viral videos which feature a beautiful orchestra of cello players from every corner of the globe playing everything from classical music to rock! The Covid Cello Project, headed by Tony Rogers grew from 15 to over 500! Not only is this a tapestry of international cello players, but it is multigenerational as well. Stay tuned after the episode for a sample of their work.

Special Episode 17

Special Episode 17

FB Live

It’s the end of a crazy year! So let’s celebrate in style. Listen to the audio OR check out the video above and join us for some Holiday Cheer to see our live interview with Andrew Shaffer author of Secret Santa, a horror comedy set in the 80s. Shaffer treated us to some information about Krampus, and other Yuletide monsters and took some audience Q&A. Shaffer is the author of the Obama Biden cozy mysteries, so as you might imagine, things got quite silly.

Special Episode 16

Special Episode 16 – Syosset High School Robotics

When the Covid-19 Crisis shutdown Syosset Elite Robotics Team’s ability to compete in scrimmages, these resourceful sophomores used their various forms of expertise by creating PPE face shields for those in need locally and internationally. Three eager members of the club joined us to tell us more about this project.

Special Episode 15

Special Episode 15 – The night John Lennon died – 40 years later

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of John Lennon’s Death, we are re-releasing Syosset Library’s podcast interview with Saundra Shohen, the hospital administrator at Roosevelt Hospital the night of December 8, 1980. Ms. Shohen passed away on September 22, 2020. We would also like to to take the time to honor Saundra, and all of the first responders who continue to give so much to people in need.

Special Episode – 14

Special Episode 14 – Sabrina Guo and LILAC

Sabrina Guo of Syosset High School joins us to talk about her efforts to help amplify voices of the marginalized members of our communities inspired her to create LILAC, an organization that has donated tens of thousands of PPE items to front line workers during the Covid-19 Crisis and beyond.

Compassion in Action: LILAC Uplifts With Art

LILAC website address:

LILAC Instagram: @LILACovid_19


LILAC Twitter: @Lilacorg

LILAC Youtube Channel: @LILACovid_19

LILAC email address:

Submit Creative Artwork to LILAC:

Special Episode – 13

Special Episode Thirteen – Back to School with Danica McKellar

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Danica McKellar zooms in to chat with us about the importance of empowering young learners to embrace math. Through her books, Danica has created a fun and engaging way to not only learn math, but feel comfortable actively participating in their future through understanding the subject.

Special Episode – 12

Special Episode – Healthy Eating for Families during Covid-19

Dr. Toba Weinstein comes to us from Cohen’s Children’s Hospital to discuss nutrition for children and families while we are all home together.