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Special Episode – 14

Special Episode 14 – Sabrina Guo and LILAC

Sabrina Guo of Syosset High School joins us to talk about her efforts to help amplify voices of the marginalized members of our communities inspired her to create LILAC, an organization that has donated tens of thousands of PPE items to front line workers during the Covid-19 Crisis and beyond.

Compassion in Action: LILAC Uplifts With Art

LILAC website address:

LILAC Instagram: @LILACovid_19


LILAC Twitter: @Lilacorg

LILAC Youtube Channel: @LILACovid_19

LILAC email address:

Submit Creative Artwork to LILAC:

Special Episode – 13

Special Episode Thirteen – Back to School with Danica McKellar

Link to Video:

Danica McKellar zooms in to chat with us about the importance of empowering young learners to embrace math. Through her books, Danica has created a fun and engaging way to not only learn math, but feel comfortable actively participating in their future through understanding the subject.

Special Episode – 12

Special Episode – Healthy Eating for Families during Covid-19

Dr. Toba Weinstein comes to us from Cohen’s Children’s Hospital to discuss nutrition for children and families while we are all home together.

Special Episode – 11

Special Episode – Gastro Obscura

We are joined by Annie Ewbank of Gastro Obscura — a foodie centric offshoot of Atlas Obscura. Annie chats with us about food experiences, strange eats, and how the pandemic has shifted the landscape of food tourism.

Special Episode – 10b

Special Episode 10 – Part 2 – Syosset Bingo

We spoke with Dr. Sharon Borzone, a Syosset resident who led an initiative to support local healthcare workers and restaurants through community centered games of BINGO.

Special Episode – 10a

Special Episode 10 – Part 1 – Molloy Archives the Pandemic

We caught up with Christine Yu at Molloy college to chat about her effort to archive the pandemic on Long Island.

Special Episode – 9

Special Episode 9 — Libraries Stepping up. 

Libraries are used to changing their services on a dime, but with Covid-19 knocking on our doors we’ve had to pivot like never before. Today we are joined by a group of Long Island Librarians both in Suffolk and Nassau to discuss how we’ve mobilized our maker spaces to create PPE for healthcare workers on the frontline, and what it means for the future of our makerspaces.  (This interview Features James Hutter, Port Washington Public Library and NCLA President, Chris DeChristofaro of Sachem Library and The Library Pros Podcast, and David Ecker of Stony Brook University.)

Special Episode – 8

Special Episode Eight – The Indie Author Project

Hello Indie Authors! Are you writing during your time in quarantine? Today we are joined by Emily Gooding of the Indie Author Project! Emily tells us all about this initiative which ends on May 31, and how librarians and authors can work together in this project which is co-sponsored by Library Journal.

Special Episode – 7

Special Episode 7 – Teen Anxiety and Covid-19

Teens anxiety is usually a topic of discussion as it takes on so many forms — but now with the advent of an uncertain Summer and iffy Fall semester prospects teens are facing brand new territory. How can we help them when we ourselves are facing our own mental health crisis? Two specialists from Cohen’s Children’s Hospital weigh in.

Crisis Center Brochure


Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope With the Coronavirus Disease 2019

Special Episode – 6

Special Episode 6

Kensington Cozies with Larissa Ackerman!

Looking for a good mystery to pass the time in Quarantine? Are thrillers really not your thing? Larissa Ackerman of Kensington Cozies is here to tell us why Cozy Mysteries are the perfect read for you. Listen is as we chat about Sassy Sleuths Solving Mysteries.