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Turn The Page – Episode 65

Episode Sixty-Five: Syosset Stories with Kathleen Kim:

Kim, a SHS class of ’97 alum talks about how community and connection, along with her love of puppetry brought her to work on Sesame Street, the upcoming Mr. Rogers film (yes, the one with Tom Hanks), and even to the stage of Saturday Night Live! A perfect Thanksgiving treat for anyone who has ever wondered where life will take you, this episode is an extra helping of joy.

Turn The Page – Episode 62

Episode Sixty Two – PUT IT IN THE BOOKS with Howie Rose

Legendary sports broadcaster Howie Rose chats with us about some of his favorite moments in sports and how various trends in sports fandom have changed the way people watch their games.

Turn The Page – Episode 60

Episode Sixty: Syosset Stories with Adam Pascal

From Syosset High School and beyond his Tony nominated role as Roger in the original cast of Rent. Adam Pascal is one of Syosset’s most notable alumni. Adam sat down to talk with us about Broadway, film and (of course) the On Parade Diner!

Turn The Page – Episode 58

Episode Fifty Eight: Madeleine Berg

Berg is a Syosset resident, a local nutritionist and the author of OMG! You thing I’m fat!?! stops by to talk about what NOT to say to your children regarding weight, nutrition and body image.

Turn The Page – Episode 47

Episode Forty Seven – End of Day with Jordyn Boscia

Syosset Alum, Jordyn stopped in with her partner Matthew to discuss the process of creating and producing End of Day — their soon to air comedy web series.

Turn The Page – Episode 44

Episode Forty Four – Time Enough at last

Wayne Gladstone, Syosset alum and host of the Intangible Quarter podcast sits down with Meghan and Jessikah to discuss one of our favorite eerie classic television show, The Twilight Zone.

Turn The Page – Episode 43

Episode Forty Three: Syosset Stories with Catherine Woodard

Catherine talks about how the unique opportunities — and that one special teacher at Syosset High School gave her the confidence to pursue a career in stage production.

Turn The Page – Episode 38

Episode Thirty Eight: Syosset Stories, It’s SUE BIRD! 

Four time Olympic gold medal winner!

Voted one of the WNBA’s top players of all time!


Sue Bird took the time to talk with us about her childhood right here in Syosset.

Turn The Page – Episode 37

Episode Thirty Seven: Ten years of Little Free Library!

Margaret Aldrich joins us to talk about the tenth anniversary of the Little Free Library initiative — and how excited we are to launch our very own LFL at the Syosset LIRR train station.

Turn The Page – Episode 35

Episode Thirty Five – Pam Squared

Today, we are joined by two members of our library staff — both named Pam. Pam (and Pam) discuss their experiences, living in Syosset, graduating from our schools, moving away, and returning to raise their own families.