Turn The Page – Episode 130a

Episode one thirty – part one

There’s something about Witches with Amber Benson.

Amber Benson zoomed in to talk about her several series written in the fantasy genre, and ended up hanging out to discuss the foresight of Octavia Butler, the congeniality of Merricat Blackwood — Shirley Jackson’s antihero, and how often Giles cleaned his glasses during her time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spoiler Alert! Merricat wasn’t so nice, but Amber is a delight.

Turn The Page – Episode 128

Episode one twenty eight –

Kristin Howell and Lindi Bortney chime in with Sharon to discuss the origins and legacy of The Adelettes, the Syosset High School Barber Shop Music group. Stay tuned for some lovely music featuring several generations of Adelettes after the episode.

Turn The Page – Episode 123

Happy New Year! Turn the Page, the official podcast of the Syosset Public Library has been named on of the Top 35 Library Podcasts you Must Follow in 2020! We look forward to continuing to bring you quality content in 2021.


One hundred and twenty three

We were NOT so Wrong About how frightening Don Bluth’s children’s films were to us children’s of the 80’s, but we loved them anyway. Welcoming back Sarah Marshall of the podcast You’re Wrong About we discuss the impact of three of Bluth’s earliest animated features as they relate to our youth.

Turn The Page – Episode 120

One hundred and twenty

Natalie Portman’s Fables is a delightful read for parents and children alike. With an eye on gender balance and modern sensibilities, Portman refreshes three classic fables and adds a twist of whimsy. Join one of Syosset most notable alumni as she discusses writing her book, attending high school while her acting career took off, and weighs in on the great debate of Bagel Master vs. Bagel Boss!

Turn The Page – Episode 116

One hundred and sixteen

We are THRILLED to join Sarah Marshall, co-host of You’re Wrong About Podcast to discuss taking deep dives into sensational histories that we thought we understood, and debunking conspiracy theories.

Turn The Page – Episode 103a

Episode One Hundred Three –  Part One – April Henry

Author April Henry discusses her latest YA Thriller, The Girl in the White Van, and shares some really cool information about how teenagers in the northwest help police search for crime evidence.

Turn The Page – Episode 100

Episode One Hundred – 100 Adventures in Microfiche with JUDD APATOW

From the Syosset Public Library and Judd Apatow Comedy Research Center!

Syosset Superstar Alumni Judd Apatow zooms in from Sunny LA to talk Microfiche, Freaks and
Geeks, and Favorite Syosset Teachers!

Special Episode – 11

Special Episode – Gastro Obscura

We are joined by Annie Ewbank of Gastro Obscura — a foodie centric offshoot of Atlas Obscura. Annie chats with us about food experiences, strange eats, and how the pandemic has shifted the landscape of food tourism.

Turn The Page – Episode 80

Episode Eighty – Jon Lovett

Pod Save Syosset with Jon Lovett: Lovett, podcaster supreme, former speech-writer for President Obama, and Syosset alum lends us his voice and humor! Lovett joins us to share his favorite memories of Syosset and how he went from mathematics major to a political speech writer.

Turn The Page – Episode 67

It’s cold outside. What better to do than hunt for great eats around town? The Fantasmic Foodie has made a name for himself reviewing fun and fantastic food spots, and trying some of the most unique dishes that will surprise your taste buds.