Turn The Page – Episode 87

Episode Eighty Seven – Free Comic Book Day

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, Free Comic Book Day has been delayed until a date TBA.

Ashton Greenwood of Diamond Comics chatted with us about Free Comic Book Day, a yearly event that aims to celebrate comic books and comic book shops for fans of all ages! Syosset Public Library is an Official Free Comic Book Day library!

Special Episode – 5

Special Episode – 5

A Sci-Fi Author’s Reading List for the Pandemic.
This is a strange time for everyone — and uniquely so for authors of Science Fiction. Today we are joined by Annalee Newitz, Sci-Fi Author, Science Journalist and co-host of the podcast Our Opinions are correct. Annalee gives us their shortlist of Science Fiction reads to help us get through quarantine. 

Turn The Page – Episode 86

Episode 86 – Erik Larson

Author Erik Larson talks about leadership under pressure! Hitler had his eye on Great Britain and London was under the fire of The Blitz. We all know that Winston Churchill’s temper was put the to test, but his family found themselves deeply affected by the events unfolding around them.

Special Episode – 4

Covid-19 Special edition episode # 4

This special episode of Turn the Page we are joined by Jennifer Rubins from Penguin Random House Library Marketing Team to discuss even more resources available to a variety of readers and for librarians during quarantine.


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Turn The Page – Episode 85

Episode Eighty Five – Kimmery Martin

The Antidote for Everything with Kimmery Martin: Author (and Doctor) Kimmery Martin talks to us about her newest novel in which two doctors come into conflict with their hospital board when they are told they may no longer treat transgender patients.

Special Episode – 3

Covid-19 Special edition episode # 3: Lucy Knisley and the Virus Diaries.

Stacey and Jessikah chat with comic artist Lucy Knisley about fostering pets, self care, and parenting young children in the time of the Covid-19. Lucy also chats with us about the challenges authors and publishers are faced with when releasing new books in these strange times.

Website: https://www.lucyknisley.com/

Turn The Page – Episode 84

Episode Eighty Four – Special Collections! 

Susie Tofte, Associate Archivist and Collections Manager for the Jim Henson Company  graciously talked to us about preserving the legacy of Henson’s work — in the past and going forward.

Special Episode – 2

On Worry in the time of Corona

These are unprecedented times and anxiety has become part of everyday life for the most laid back of people. In this episode we talk to Sandra Llera, PhD. a clinical psychologist and professor at Townson University who along with her research partner Michelle Newman, PhD. has studied the science behind worry. Dr. Llera offers up some of her findings and shares how they are applicable to to our “new normal” under the cloud of Covid-19.

Turn The Page – Episode 83

Episode Eighty Three – Syosset’s Historic Cemetery

Follow up with Kurt E. Kahofer and Zachary N. Studenroth of Burying Ground Preservation Group,
the team of professionals who are restoring the Schenck family burial ground in Syosset.