Turn The Page – Episode 195b

Episode one ninety five – part two

Evelyn chatted with Elissa Sussman about FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK, a second chance love story featuring a female Jewish protagonist who while on a journalistic assignment meets her celebrity crush and sparks fly — during their first meet cute and again a decade later.

Turn The Page – Episode 195c

Episode one ninety five – part three

We caught up with TV writer Rothchild to chat about her debut novel book BLOOD SUGAR, a killer book about Ruby, a female serial killer who is accused of four murders — but she only committed three — and she is definitely NOT a sociopath.

Turn The Page – Episode 195a

Episode one ninety five – part one

Norman Chella, discusses his unique job as the official Podcast Librarian at Podchaser. Norman geeks out with us about metadata and research, as well as the difference between podcast listeners as ecosystems.

Turn The Page – Episode 194b

Episode one ninety four – part two

Stacey chatted with Dinitia Smith about THE PRINCE, an adaptation of Henry James’ lesser known novel THE GOLDEN BOWL. Dinitia and Stacey talk hereditary wealth in families such as the Carnegies, fallen royalty, and the baby-sitter urban legend

Turn The Page – Episode 194a

Episode one ninety four – part one

We welcomed back Mike Chen to chat about Sci-Fi Space Operas and family trauma in LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME Mike’s book which tackles both. We also got to chat about Anakin and Obi-Wan in BROTHERHOOD, Mike’s newest novel set within the Star Wars Universe.

Turn The Page – Episode 194c

Episode one ninety four – part three

Caitlin Barasch joins Lisa to talk about A NOVEL OBSESSION, a novel about one woman’s obsession with her boyfriend’s ex.

Lisa chats about bookstores, Instagram stalking, and character names.

Turn The Page – Episode 194d

Episode one ninety four – part four

Seanan Mcguire is one of the busiest writers on the market — but she took break to talk with us about SEASONAL FEARS the second book in the ALCHEMICAL JOURNEYS series. The episode was crashed by one of her cats which was VERY fluffy. There is no video for this episode so you will have to take our word for it.

Turn The Page – Episode 193b

Episode one ninety three – part two

Danica Roem made national headlines when–as a transgender former frontwoman for a metal band and a political newcomer–she unseated Virginia’s most notoriously anti-LGBTQ 26-year incumbent Bob Marshall as state delegate. Danica stopped by Turn the Page to talk about her trail blazing career, and a top 10 list of Metal bands from the 2002 era!

Turn The Page – Episode 193a

Episode one ninety three – part one

Jenn sat down with Maya Rodale, author of THE MAD GIRLS OF NEW YORK, a lively and entertaining fictionalized account of the career of Nelly Bly. Bly, as an undercover reporter, spent ten days committed to Blackwell’s, a notoriously cruel and oppressive asylum, to expose the truth to the public.