Turn The Page – Episode 236e

Episode two hundred thirty six – part five

Lisa and Melissa catch up with Bryan Trottier! Bryan chats about his time with the Islanders, his seven-time Stanley Cup winning career, and of course, his book All Roads Home!

Turn The Page – Episode 80

Episode Eighty – Jon Lovett

Pod Save Syosset with Jon Lovett: Lovett, podcaster supreme, former speech-writer for President Obama, and Syosset alum lends us his voice and humor! Lovett joins us to share his favorite memories of Syosset and how he went from mathematics major to a political speech writer.

Turn The Page – Episode 69A

Episode Sixty Nine – Part 1 

Kitty Zeldis discusses her book Not our Kind, A historical fiction novel about two cultures coming
together under the backdrop of post WWII era NYC.

Turn The Page – Episode 62

Episode Sixty Two – PUT IT IN THE BOOKS with Howie Rose

Legendary sports broadcaster Howie Rose chats with us about some of his favorite moments in sports and how various trends in sports fandom have changed the way people watch their games.

Turn The Page – Episode 24

Episode Twenty Four: Greetings from the Borscht Belt!


When Grossinger’s was grand, when the Nevele was new! Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe takes us on a humorous trip down memory lane as we celebrate the heyday of the Catskill mountain resorts.

Turn the Page – Episode 05

Episode Five: Tom Montalbano interview part 1

Librarians Barney and Lisa interview local author and historian Tom Montalbano. This interview will conclude in our next episode.

Turn The Page – Episode 04

Episode Four: That tree grew in Brooklyn already! 


Tara Clancy, host of The Moth Storytelling Hour sits down with Jessikah, Stacey and Lisa to discuss her book THE CLANCYS OF QUEENS, the need for authentic new voices to tell their stories and foster empathy.

We were so fortunate to have a staff member with a family connection to Tara and and she was eager to be a part of our podcast. We had so much fun getting to know her on a personal level — we hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!

Tara’s Website: https://www.taraclancy.com/

You can buy her book here: Amazon

Or borrow it from Syosset Public Library!

The Moth