Turn The Page – Episode 208d

Episode two hundred eight – part four

Evelyn caught up with Annabel Monaghan to chat about NORA GOES OFFSCRIPT — a romantic comedy written during the pandemic. Evie and Annabel also discuss their dream casting for a NORA movie (hello Leslie Mann)

Turn The Page – Episode 208c

Episode two hundred eight – part three

Gill Paul’s THE MANHATTAN GIRLS: A NOVEL OF DOROTHY PARKER AND HER FRIENDS is a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the members of the Algonquin Round Table in Prohibition-era New York. Gill was kind enough to stop by the show and talk about the women and their friends depicted in the book.

Turn The Page – Episode 208e

Episode two hundred eight – part five

Amanda Jayatissa chatted with Jessikah about YOU’RE INVITED, her very twisty wedding thriller set against the backdrop of a broken female friendship and an opulent Sri Lankan wedding. Stick around for some arm chair travel advice for those looking to travel to Sri Lanka.

Turn The Page – Episode 208b

Episode two hundred eight – part two

A DREADFUL SPLENDOR is a real page turner of a Gothic murder mystery, and Jenn was so excited to talk to its author, B.R. Myers. They talked about 19th century spiritualism, con artistry, and Gothic heroines.

Turn The Page – Episode 208a

Episode two hundred eight – part one

Jenn sat down with William Ledbetter to talk about LEVEL FIVE. First published as an audiobook exclusive, LEVEL FIVE is in print for the first time. They talked about sci fi, artificial intelligence, and the upcoming LEVEL SIX.

Turn The Page – Episode 207b

Episode two hundred seven – part two

Mark Pryor’s new mystery, DIE AROUND SUNDOWN, is a thrilling page turner set in Nazi-occupied Paris. Mark chatted with Jenn about using historical figures in fiction, the allure of Paris, and how hard killing your own characters can be.

Turn The Page – Episode 207e

Episode two hundred seven – part five

Sunyi Dean chatted with Jenn about her new novel, THE BOOK EATERS, a beautifully complex dark fantasy with amazing characters and fascinating world building.

Turn The Page – Episode 207d

Episode two hundred seven – part four

Jenn talked to Jude Doyle about MAW, his gripping and terrifying new graphic novel that combines folk horror, body horror, and revenge to explosive effect.

Content notes for discussion of rape.