Turn The Page – Episode 191c

Episode one ninety one – part three

Hilde Lysiak made the news when, at age 9, she broke a murder story in her hometown of Selinsgrove, PA. Since then, she has written books, had a TV show based on her life, and met luminaries like Malala Yousafzai and Michelle Obama. Check out her book, HILDE ON THE RECORD, at a library or bookstore near you!

Turn The Page – Episode 191b

Episode one ninety one – part two

Jenn sat down with Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly to talk about their screen- and comics-writing careers, and to get the scoop on their new books, BATMAN BEYOND: NEO-YEAR and CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY. They also recently wrote a mini-series about Kang, who has just been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Turn The Page – Episode 191a

Episode one ninety one – part one

When Jamie Arty and her family got lost in Oyster Bay they never realized they would stumble upon a piece of Long Island history that would become their home. Arty discusses restoring the mansion as well as uncovering the abolitionist history of its previous owner which makes the homes ownership under Arty’s African American family even more inspirational.

Turn The Page – Episode 190a

Episode one ninety – part one

Bad Seed Suspense? Ashley Audrain, author of The Push joins Lisa and Jessikah to chat expectations of motherhood, generational parental failure, and the unintentional.

Turn The Page – Episode 190b

Episode one ninety – part two

MIT graduate and Instructor Mark Herschberg stops in to chat about how leadership skills and networking savvy need not be a natural skillset for you to succeed in either. Engaging and passionate about his findings, Mark discusses his book THE CAREER TOOLKIT which is designed to help make accessible what is needed for success.

Turn The Page – Episode 190c

Episode one ninety – part three

In Seoulmates, Jen Frederick channels K-Drama when Hara, a Korean adoptee raised in the American Mid-West navigates being a foreigner South Korea, the country of her birth, while working with her birth mother and finding love Yujin, a charming Korean man who happens to be her step-brother! Frederick discusses how her own experiences as an adoptee from South Korea helped shape Hara’s journey, and some of her favorite Korean foods.

Special Episode 26

Special Episode 26

Nathalie chats with Susan Kusel about THE PASSOVER GUEST, Susan’s beautiful book set in Washington D.C. during the great depression. Nathalie and Susan also chatted their favorite Passover traditions and other Jewish holidays they hold dear.

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Turn The Page – Episode 189c

Episode one eighty nine – part three

Imagine a world in which McCarthyism was so successful, Joseph McCarthy became president. This is the world that Josh Weiss explores in his alternate history, BEAT THE DEVILS. Jenn and Josh discussed Humphrey Bogart, the films of John Huston, and the Jewish experience in midcentury America.

Turn The Page – Episode 189a

Episode one eighty nine – part one

No joke! We chatted with Wil Wheaton about STILL JUST A GEEK, his updated memoir that allowed Wil to have “conversations” with his former self and express growth. But, we also talked about TRON, the origins of TABLE TOP, and Wil’s own love of libraries and librarians. We could not be more flattered!