Turn The Page – Episode 188b

Episode one eighty eight – part two

Bethany C. Morrow stops by to discuss CHERISH FARRAH which combines toxic female friendships and social horror into an unforgettable slow burn. Morrow discusses systemic racism within Cherish’s trans-racial adoption, how Farrah came into existence, and which of Morrow’s own personal experiences made it into the book. Yikes.

Turn The Page – Episode 188a

Episode one eighty eight – part one

Jenn sat down with London Clarke to discuss her book DUNMOOR, a Gothic masterpiece set in the Regency era. We talked about Gothic heroines, Lord Byron, and how to “build” a haunted house.

Turn The Page – Episode 188c

Episode one eighty eight – part three

Jessikah caught up with Tara Sim to discuss all the inspiration behind CITY OF DUSK — the beginning of an epic fantasy series that you will devour. Girls with swords and anime of the early aughts get some lip service as well.