Turn The Page – Episode 291d

Episode two hundred ninety one – part four

Zibby Owens is on the TURN THE PAGE podcast for the second time speaking with Evelyn about her wonderful debut novel BLANK. Besides for being an author Zibby is the award-winning podcast host of Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books. She is also celebrating the 1-year anniversary of her bookstore, Zibby’s Books in Santa Monica, California. It was very enjoyable catching up with Zibby!

Turn The Page – Episode 291c

Episode two hundred ninety one – part three

Jeff Hoffman takes on toxic male friendships in LIKE IT NEVER HAPPENED, a book about three men who must face the truth of a life altering event that occurred during their high school years.

Turn The Page – Episode 291e

Episode two hundred ninety one – part five

Allison Pataki has written another fabulous historical fiction book, FINDING MARGARET FULLER. Evelyn and Allison spoke about what an amazing women Margaret Fuller was and the research that Allison needed to do to write this wonderful book. If you loved her last book, THE MAGNIFICENT LIVES OF MARJORIE POST, don’t miss this one!

Turn The Page – Episode 291b

Episode two hundred ninety one – part two

Kristen Perrin’s HOW TO SOLVE YOUR OWN MURDER is a delicious twist on the cozy mystery, We chat about small town mysteries, building your supporting cast of characters, and protagonists with “golden retriever energy.”

Turn The Page – Episode 291a

Episode two hundred ninety one – part one

In NOT FROM HERE, Leah Lax uncovers the lost history of her Jewish family, and her own as a Jewish-American and a gay person. Jenn chats with Leah about NOT FROM HERE and her first book, UNCOVERED: HOW I LEFT HASIDIC LIFE AND FINALLY CAME HOME.

Leah Lax is available for book club talks about this book, so check out her website for more information if you’d like to chat! https://leahlaxauthor.com/

Turn The Page – Episode 290b

Episode two hundred ninety – part two

Matt Baume– writer, podcaster, and video-maker– stopped by to chat about his YouTube channel, his book, HI HONEY, I’M HOMO! SITCOMS, SPECIALS, AND THE QUEERING OF AMERICAN CULTURE, and looking at pop culture through a queer lens.

Turn The Page – Episode 290c

Episode two hundred ninety – part three

Jessikah chats with Maggie Thrash about Moral Panics, Nostalgia, and Media Frenzies as we discuss RAINBOW BLACK, Maggie’s first adult novel which tells the story of Lacey Bond, a queer teen whose parents are implicated in a heinous crime during the Satanic Panic era of the 80’s and 90’s. Lacey finds herself and her sister under waves of cruel and manipulative media scrutiny which is posed as helpful, and proves anything but.

Turn The Page – Episode 290a

Episode two hundred ninety – part one

Kathleen Jones stopped by to talk about her gorgeous CITIES OF WOMEN, a parallel story about two women- a twenty-first century historian and a medieval artist- challenging the social norms of their days.

Turn The Page – Episode 290d

Episode two hundred ninety – part four

Katharine J. Adams invites us in to a delightfully dark world full of magic, intrigue, romance and witchcraft. TONIGHT I BURN will leave you thirsting for the next installment.

Turn The Page – Episode 289b

Episode two hundred eighty nine – part two

Jennifer Ryan’s THE UNDERGROUND LIBRARY is a riveting story about three young women fighting to save an East London library during the Blitz. Jennifer stopped by to chat about books, community, and history.