Turn The Page – Episode 143a

Episode one forty three – part one

Part one of a series, we caught up with Twitter Media Critic @fangirljeanne to discuss popular horror media as it relates to race and the image of the Middle Class.

Turn The Page – Episode 143b

Episode one forty three – part two

Every old panic is new with Clay McLeod Chapman.

True Crime and Horror blends well in Whisper Down the Lane is a terrifying look at the corrosive nature of guilt set simultaneously between the 1980’s during the highest point of the Satanic Panic and 2013.

Turn The Page – Episode 143c

Episode one forty three – part three

Set in the world of the popular horror podcast Rabbits, we caught up with Terry Miles to discuss Rabbits the Novel, uncanny coincidences, and our own experiences with the Mandela Effect.

Turn The Page – Episode 142b

Episode one forty two – part two

Marisa Silver tackles friendships, grief, and parenting in The Mysteries, a story set in the 1970’s which explores the friendship between two young girls — one reserved, the other irrepressible — their families, and the impact of tragedy which weighs on their families.

Turn The Page – Episode 142c

Episode one forty two – part three

Camille Pagan writes breezy books about serious topics. Don’t Make Me Turn this Life Around is her latest that explores the life of Libby over a decade after she beat cancer. Fun fact! This book is a follow up to Pagan’s, Life and other Near Death Experiences which has been optioned for film by Jessica Chastain’s film company.

Turn The Page – Episode 142a

Episode one forty two – part one

Lyricist and novelist, Polly Samson takes us to the island of Hydra during the 1960’s — a legendary community of artists and creatives. Polly joined us to chat about Leonard Cohen, Charmain Clift and her amazing family as seen in the YouTube series The Von Trapped Family


Turn The Page – Episode 141b

Episode one forty two – part three

Jess moves with her family to Penang Malaysia she becomes the unwitting medium for her estranged ornery grandmother who passed away amidst unfinished business. Cho’s Blackwater Sister is funny, scary, and touching all at the same time.

Turn The Page – Episode 141c

Episode one forty one – part three

Kin to books such as Children of Men and World War Z, Baird’s debut novel The End of Men brings a world where a virus that infects men ravages the world deeply affecting the landscape of gender representation and socialization.

Turn The Page – Episode 141a

Episode one forty one – part one

Joe Goldberg is the world’s favorite meme-able, book loving serial killer, and in Caroline Kepnes’ newest installment of her You series, Joe has his sites set on a new woman. A librarian. We got to “thank” Caroline for that one in this interview.