Turn The Page – Episode 265b

Episode two hundred sixty five – part two

Lucy Clarke chats about writing the dynamics of female friendships and putting them under pressure when in a brand new environment. The Hike is deftly escalating thriller that pits Liz and her friends against a murderer while hiking the mountains of Norway.

Turn The Page – Episode 265a

Episode two hundred sixty five – part one

Alicia Elliott’s AND THEN SHE FELL is a beautiful, frightening, and frequently darkly funny examination of a young Mohawk woman’s experience of motherhood and mental health. Alicia stopped by the show to talk about her gorgeous debut novel.

Turn The Page – Episode 264b

Episode two hundred sixty four – part two

Daniel Braum, a prolific writer of strange tales and quiet horror, is celebrating the reissue of his first collection of short fiction, THE NIGHT MARCHERS. Jenn and Daniel chat about this collection as well as his new novella, THE SERPENT’S SHADOW.

Turn The Page – Episode 264a

Episode two hundred sixty four – part one

Jenn got to sit down with Matt Kirkland, the mastermind behind Dracula Daily, the serialized newsletter version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula that took the internet by storm last year! This new edition presents the text in chronological order alongside art, memes, and jokes from the newsletters’ fan base.

Turn The Page – Episode 264c

Episode two hundred sixty four – part three

Rachel Harrison brings us another fresh twist on horror with BLACK SHEEP, a book about Vesper, a young woman who left her religious home behind and the dark secret that has come to drag her back. It’s not what you think it is.

Turn The Page – Episode 263e

Episode two hundred sixty three – part five

Edward Cahill, a professor of English at Fordham, stopped by to talk about his novel DISORDERLY MEN, which explores the lives of three gay men in the aftermath of a police raid on a gay bar in a pre-Stone Wall Greenwich Village.

Turn The Page – Episode 263b

Episode two hundred sixty three – part two

WITCH OF WILD THINGS is a beautiful and melancholy story about magic, family, friendship, and romantic love. Author Raquel Vasquez Gilliland stopped by to talk about plant magic, anthropology, and second chances.

Turn The Page – Episode 263c

Episode two hundred sixty three – part three

Friend of the show Clay McLeod Chapman is back to discuss his newest horror masterpiece, WHAT KIND OF MOTHER. Clay spoke to Jenn about the horrors of single parenting and crafting the Southern Gothic.

Turn The Page – Episode 263a

Episode two hundred sixty three – part one

Jessikah and Jenn talked to James Frankie Thomas about IDLEWILD: a queer, trans, and early-Internet/post-9/11 twist on the Manhattan prep school novel about the complicated nature of intense teen friendships.

Turn The Page – Episode 263d

Episode two hundred sixty three – part four

Bestselling author Shari Lapena chats about her sharp, exciting writing style as we discuss EVERYONE HERE IS LYING, an edge of your seat thriller about a missing little girl and the secrets of several families including her own.