Turn The Page – Episode 229b

Episode two hundred twenty nine – part two

Lesley Livingston has given us a beautiful and powerful YA tale about Celtic myth and history in QUEEN AMONG THE DEAD. Lesley stopped by to chat about the book and its headstrong protagonist Neve.

Turn The Page – Episode 229a

Episode two hundred twenty nine – part one

Horror raconteur and friend-of-the-show Grady Hendrix is back to chat with Jess and Jenn about HOW TO SELL A HAUNTED HOUSE, a propulsive yarn about a classic Gothic haunting with some interesting twists and turns! Also, expect a LOT of talk about puppets.

Turn The Page – Episode 228a

Episode two hundred twenty eight – part one

REEF ROAD is a stunning and propulsive mystery about secrets, intergenerational trauma, and the complicated legacies mothers bestow upon daughters. Jenn talked to author Deborah Goodrich Royce about unreliable narrators and finding truth in fiction.

Turn The Page – Episode 228b

Episode two hundred twenty eight – part two

Not quite baseball season yet, but Mark Stevens has delivered a home run with The Fireballer, an emotional story about Frank Ryder, a phenom in the pitching world who is haunted by an incident in his past connected to the talent which makes him a name in the sport that he loves so much.

Turn The Page – Episode 227b

Episode two hundred twenty seven – part two

Thriller writer Leah Konen swings back to Turn the Page to chat about YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME. A twisty novel which sends Janie, a new mother and her partner, Max from Brooklyn to the Catskills for some baby bonding time. When max disappears and ends up a suspect in a murder investigation, Janie must confront the secrets the father of her child has been keeping.

Turn The Page – Episode 227c

Episode two hundred twenty seven – part three

Gina Casazza, a debut children’s author tells us how she challenged herself to train with Navy Seals in order to survive a paid kidnapping attempt and found the inspiration to write YOU REALLY, TRULY DO BELONG — a sweet and gentle children’s book about what it means to belong.